Ross and Brand

ok ok I can’t resist it.

The BBC is a disgrace.

Forcing Brand out because The Daily Mail and The Sun complained, ONE WEEK AFTER the original broadcast. I listened to it. It’s stupid and crude but funny in places. … Read more


An upside of the crisis: the sheer entertainment value and joy of watching truly excellent commentators.

My Top 5

David McWilliams
Brendan Keenan
Shane Ross
George Lee
Colm McCarthy

Keenan is on top form today arguing against government investment in … Read more

Talk to Joe

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan rang RTE boss Cathal Goan to complain about Liveline’s programme last Thursday week. The government was outraged because Duffy suggested that customers shouldn’t trust the banks. The plebs were panicking. It was irresponsible, the government … Read more