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Ross and Brand

ok ok I can’t resist it.

The BBC is a disgrace.

Forcing Brand out because The Daily Mail and The Sun complained, ONE WEEK AFTER the original broadcast. I listened to it. It’s stupid and crude but funny in places. … Read more


An upside of the crisis: the sheer entertainment value and joy of watching truly excellent commentators.

My Top 5

David McWilliams
Brendan Keenan
Shane Ross
George Lee
Colm McCarthy

Keenan is on top form today arguing against government investment in … Read more

Help the Chernobyl children at home

HOW can you criticise Adi Roche? Last Thursday night she appeared on television in an almost unbearably poignant documentary about the hardship children face in Belarus. Her Chernobyl Children’s Project has harnessed the good will, money and energy of hundreds … Read more

Crewser – I’ll miss you

I got a letter in the post this morning and perhaps its contents will annoy some of you, but I have to say it made me smile and to be honest, I’ve been stressed off the scale in the past … Read more


For Sunday Times readers you might have missed me for the last two weeks. I’m taking another two weeks holidays – time for a proper break. I won’t be blogging either (off to Galway PLEASE don’t rain!). … Read more

Ahem, morning…

Right, well, that was an interesting 24 hours. Thanks to Gavin for his help.

Crewser, are you at the Galway Races? Come back! Come back! Oh for the genteel carping of Fine Gael vs Fianna Fail. It turns out techies … Read more