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Bad mood

I’ve a creak in my neck.
I’m cold.
I can’t stop eating.
The Ulster Bank put up the Henry Hippo posters and then didn’t have the forms when I went in.The Department of Justice won’t return my call.
The Garda … Read more

More parenting stuff

Note: turned a post into a column. One small update – I watched the 3rd part last night and it was interesting – the most interesting characters who started coming into the picture were the grandparents! Their experience and wry Read more

A child’s perspective

In conversation with his aunt

T (3years old): Mammy was on the radio today.
Aunt: Was she? She’s on the telly sometimes too, isn’t she?
T: Yes
Aunt: And she writes for the newspaper too, doesn’t she?
T: Yes
Aunt: … Read more

For Sale

Like Tales from the Cul de Sac? Now, a truly unique opportunity to live in our enclave! Brought to you exclusively by top auctioneering firm, Carey’s, a once in a lifetime chance to live down the road of a famous … Read more

Spring lamb

In one generation an obsession has arisen over spring lamb – supposedly a “traditional” Easter dish. Traditional for I don’t know..20 years? In these parts we look down our noses at Spring lambs. If the lambs are big enough to … Read more


has sprung. At last, sitting at the table typing this and looking out a bright sunny field with the first lambs and pairs of robins, instead of grey skies and creepy sheep.

It was M’s birthday last week and I … Read more


I am home from my travels.

My most benevolent employers paid for me to fly business class home. I was *extremely* grateful. There are 24 seats in “premier” class on the Air bus. I booked 1k. Up the front, near … Read more