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The Meadow

I’m following the instructions of the ever helpful Gavin and am going to attempt, as someone requested to put photos for the first time into the blog! Quite a breakthrough for me..I guess I won’t stop now! If this works … Read more

Life in the Valley

Note: one of the ones that I had to let a few days pass before I could post it as I didn’t really like parts of it – especially the end – it seemed twee. Jet lag is the excuse. Read more

Brid Murphy

Note: this is last week’s column and the unedited version. But I did hear Karen Coleman quote from it on The Wide Angle on Newstalk on Sunday and it sounded intact.

It’s always hard trying to figure people out from … Read more

Farming day out

As this blog is fast turning into The Country Diary of a Post-Modern Lady, I should advertise this Teagasc event in Athenry on June 20th. A demonstration of best practice. A delegation must be sent, surely?… Read more


I am reading Isabelle Allende’s Memoir. What a life this woman has had. It’s great reading, though she is a little whacky – lots of new age, and old age, spiritual stuff. Thanks to F who gave me the signed … Read more


It was my birthday on Monday. At my request M bought me a facial at the local spa. I’ve been wincing as I’ve looked in the mirror recently. Sure enough, Eva, the Polish facialist, confirmed my worst suspicions. In clipped … Read more

In praise of difficult women

Note: Sunday’s column. Thanks to all the commenters on my earlier posts for different perspectives…

The accounts of Nuala O’Faolain’s funeral were very moving, in particular the eulogy by Marian Finucane. Though we knew a lot about O’Faolain through her … Read more


“Mammy! Mammy! I found a baby worm!!”

Mammy braces herself.

“Look Mammy!” and offers an outstreched hand holding a..


uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. puke.… Read more

BSG and other news

Just watched the Mini Series. Woah – those Cylons sure hate humanity!

Does anyone know if in the original, they actually found earth?

Onto series 1….

In other news, I found myself, well alright, I voluntarily went to Atlantic Homecare … Read more