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Talk to Joe

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan rang RTE boss Cathal Goan to complain about Liveline’s programme last Thursday week. The government was outraged because Duffy suggested that customers shouldn’t trust the banks. The plebs were panicking. It was irresponsible, the government … Read more

Mange Tout

We have sown the seeds with Cuil and will tend to it carefully, nurturing its index, fine tuning the ranking, hope for fine weather and ward off predators. As we wait for the crop to mature, fortunately I came home … Read more

Smug vs Happy

What is the line?

We have been harvesting our greens. It’s SO gratifying. Salads of spinach, rocket and two kinds of lettuce. We are so delighted with ourselves and sigh and say “Yes, it IS working out” and then immediately … Read more