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Ah, so Bush says today that all Iran needs is KNOWLEDGE and they are a danger to the world. How will he know that the Iranians know? Set a test?

Worth reading the Q&A and the bluster for headshaking disbelief…… Read more

Demography is Destiny

This is a piece John Bruton wrote for a newsletter he sends out weekly. Some interesting comments on demography in the EU vs the US.

DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY : Looking over the Horizon

Questions I am often asked here in … Read more

Nat-West 3

We still keep an eye on the cuz’s progress in Heuston. Looks like some progress at last. Hopefully a quick trial and a sentence in the UK…

PO’Neill comments..

Update: Yup, the plea was entered and sentencing in … Read more

History will be my judge

You know the way Bliar keeps saying that? I like Maureen Dowd’s analysis in today’s NYT (sub reqd so I won’t bother with the link) of Bush’s use of the same line….

“W. thinks history will be his alibi. When … Read more