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We’ve seen Paddy’s photos, now read Ardmayle’s description. M and I went to Cuba on our honeymoon and stayed in the Nacional for a few days before heading out to the resorts at Vardero – where you effectively leave Cuba … Read more

O’Reilly on the Democrats

hmmmmm so I’m watching Bill O’Reilly beat up a Clinton-Democrat and making the point that if Obama goes into the convention ahead on delegates but Clinton swings it with the super delegates, then the Democratic party will be ripped apart … Read more

Election analysis

I pressed a US resident friend today….

Assuming Obama wins the nomination he reckons he’ll have no problem beating McCain unless:

1. There is a terrorist attack on American soil
2. One of McCain’s serving sons is killed
3. Bush … Read more


I’m back. The sun is shining, the air is fresh and smells of aromatic trees. The TV is wall to wall Primaries. I don’t like McCain at all anymore. He looks so shifty.

I will conduct research amongst my colleagues … Read more

Free speech in the US

More on democracy…from today’s NYT

“CHOTEAU, Mont. — School authorities’ cancellation of a talk that a Nobel laureate climate researcher was to have given to high school students has deeply divided this small farming and ranching town at the base … Read more

Wind is blowing for nuclear..

IRISH adults don’t believe in the tooth fairy any more, but they are convinced of the existence of The Electricity Fairy. She conjures up power from fairy dust and sends it to our homes on moonbeams.
Because the Electricity Fairy … Read more