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Wow..well there ya go. Looks like a No.

Well done to the No campaigners, they were good. They had great posters and a consistent message. The Yes was continually on the defence and had to explain why the No’s were … Read more


I cannot help but be moved and excited by his candidacy. Clinton would be a great VP but a volatile one. She would have to be extremely disciplined. McCain looks and sounds creepier each day that passes. I think its … Read more

Bank stuff

This is the column from two weeks ago but it sooo unoriginal I didn’t post it for shame. For the record though it should go up…

The Anglo-Celt reported on a meeting of the Kilnaleck Debating Society last week. One … Read more


I turn down a lot of radio and tv stuff these days: I am just too busy and distracted. But there are some programmes I’m always happy to do including Spirit Moves on RTE Radio 1. This one hour long … Read more


(Sunday’s column: this is the unedited copy – so a teency bit more ranty than that which appeared in de paper).

There are 33 million refugees across the planet. To hear some people talk, you’d think every last one of … Read more