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The Kilnaleck News

The regional papers have a standard form known as the “local news” where local correspondents send in details of recent and upcoming events. They are usually perfunctory affairs; local sporting successes, reports of small fundraisers or church notices. The Kilnaleck … Read more

Community Creches

When medical cards for the over-70s were introduced, some argued that millionaire OAPs were getting free care they didn’t need. Others have complained that the abolition of third-level fees means that the children of the rich get a free university … Read more


Warning: the following post, if compared to previous statements I have made in the past regarding religious belief, education of children etc, will lead, quite rightly to accusations of hypocrisy etc. So let’s just call it the perfect world meeting Read more

Ireland’s alcohol problem

Here is Sunday’s column. As I mentioned before it is terribly dull and humourless but I got some emails this morning praising it, so having been externally validated I publish it here for you, my most discerning readers.

“Women are … Read more

Powerlessness of One

ok so I cheated – I did this column before, but differently…anyway, getting lots of warm comments about it from the locals..Frank tidied this up a little but this is the raw copy. No time to make changes. F*cking F8cking Read more

Carney’s Speech

I thought it was excellent. Some of the comments about the media turning the victim’s family into icons were particularly relevant. And this

“Finally, we got an interesting insight into how Mr Joe Duffy operates. In the explosive atmosphere after … Read more

Law and Order

So, I know everyone accuses me of being a totally blind sided FGer. This is actually not true since I completely disagree with many (nearly all?) of their policies, but occasionally I feel the Law&Order streak emerge.

Today I saw … Read more

German ambassador

It’s been a bad week. First, David McWilliams scared the bejaysus out of us all on Monday night, although at least he did it with a spring in his step. Economics is the dismal science and they don’t get more … Read more