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Justice Irish Style

After some initial confusion at Busarus when the 1545 services didn’t show up, I interviewed the driver of the 1600 to Portumna. He was a calm, friendly type and I opted to go on his almost empty bus rather than … Read more

Water Water everywhere…

IT puzzles me how Fianna Fail has acquired its reputation for sound management and efficient administration. Every week that passes all I see is a combination of old-fashioned stroke pulling and bumbling idiocy.
The fiasco over schools paying water charges … Read more

The BCI and all that

Sunday’s column – posted a little late due to onset of vomiting bug..uuuugh. Anyways, I am taking a little blog break and going to go cold turkey by getting a trusted friend to change the password so I can’t get … Read more


I’m not sure what to do or say about this. The news was sad. She seemed like a nice girl, but she made mistakes and has paid, and her family has paid, an enormous price for them. Let’s not be … Read more

Kevin Doyle

I’ve criticised families before when the dead sons are coyly described as being “the life and soul of the party” and no reference made to the circumstances of the death.

So I have to commend Doyle’s family for issuing a … Read more

Waters on Women’s Aid.

Rob asked a question but my reply was so long I decided to write a post. This is a bit jumbled…apologies..

I did read Waters column. He comments on a book by a chap who worked at the Rape Crisis … Read more


Shane Ross has an interesting piece on overcharging by the ESB.

It reminded me that I meant to point out to all the one-off-house-begrudgers that the ESB charges more to rural householders than urban ones. I’m NOT complaining, but just … Read more

I’m outraged but confused

The IT tells me that

“EU to publish list of payments to each farmer”

“The amounts paid annually in EU subsidies to each of Ireland’s 130,000 farmers is to become public knowledge from 2008.

The Council of Farm Ministers meeting … Read more