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WHEN my husband is away overnight, I turn on the burglar alarm and lock all the internal doors. When my friend’s husband is away, he leaves a loaded shotgun under her bed. I worry that my tactic would delay an … Read more

Bebo Tribute pages

(Sunday’s column – forgot to post earlier)

There are some things we don’t know about suicide, and some that we know beyond all doubt. One is that suicide is contagious. Research has conclusively shown that it can cluster, especially in … Read more

What’s good for the goose…

Well, well, well, how interesting.

From the IT today.

Story 1

A DONEGAL woman who travelled to New York for the St Patrick’s holiday was detained and deported when US authorities discovered she had worked there for four years Read more

Spring lamb

In one generation an obsession has arisen over spring lamb – supposedly a “traditional” Easter dish. Traditional for I don’t know..20 years? In these parts we look down our noses at Spring lambs. If the lambs are big enough to … Read more

Celebrate Bad Mother’s Day

IT was the car seat that did it. When the revolution comes, car-seat designers will be first up against the wall. One son was in his, but the second was refusing to co-operate. Tired, cranky and out of patience, I … Read more


Click to listen to yesterday’s Drivetime show and an interview with Cathy O’Halloran about a conference at which Celia Larkin was giving a speech about branding. (FF to about 20mins on this link..they’ll put the specific segments up later in … Read more

St. Denis

We should send him Valentine Cards. What a guy. Why let money stand in the way of Ireland getting the best? Truly hath no man greater love for his country than to pay for a first class soccer manager.*

*we’ll … Read more

Developers in small towns

“Developers are being banned from tacking Dublin-style housing estates onto small rural villages unless they first provide extra schools and facilities for proper public transport.”

A Gormley initiative.

I wonder has he discussed this yet with Hanafin? I know of … Read more