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They announced the Lisbon Treaty voting day for June 12th. I won’t be here to VOTE YES and counteract the No votes of the wilfully contrarian.

Can someone who was going to Vote No abstain please?… Read more

Ahern speech

Look, it’s terribly nice. He had a great suit. It’s a good swansong and very significant for Irish relations with the US.


All bloody day, historic this historic that.

It would be historic if he was … Read more

Love Affair With Bad Planning

This is the ST column from two weeks ago – forgot to post..

It’s almost as if newspaper editors have a template for planning stories. Here’s the latest one. In Lahinch, Co. Clare permission has been granted for 114 housing … Read more

Bertie Speech Digest

1. I’m great
2. I’m really great
3. I’m a martyr
4. I’ve done nuttin wrong
5. Did I mention how great I am?

Question: What the f*ck was Gormley doing? Standing behind him like an old party hack gravely … Read more


(Sunday’s column: this is the unedited copy – so a teency bit more ranty than that which appeared in de paper).

There are 33 million refugees across the planet. To hear some people talk, you’d think every last one of … Read more

Actions speak louder…

I had a very interesting chat with Harry Browne a little while ago in which he argued, convincingly I thought, that blogging had no influence on politics and was not just a benign phenomenon but malign, since people put their … Read more

McKay on Paisley

I am so glad this piece by Susan McKay was published. I was getting sick of this Paisley, the grandfather, full of humour who saved the peace process who kept popping up on Tommy O’Gorman’s reports on RTE. Paisley was … Read more

Fianna Fail and the Tribunal

They say

1. It’s turned into a witch-hunt into his personal finances

No, it hasn’t. An allegation was made that he had taken money. They investigated his accounts and found hundreds of thousands of pounds in them. They asked him … Read more