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ST – Pensions

I don’t have a private pension and I haven’t the slightest intention of taking one out.
My finances are tight enough as it is. With a growing family and a mortgage, my daily expenditure is at its peak. Why should … Read more


A report on last night’s visit to The Gate for the Pinter play Betrayal. The bad comments first. Typically the actors (possibly under poor direction) ruined it. Emma, the heroine (played by a woman who used to be the vet … Read more

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Cannot believe that after my so recent mention of Garret FitzGerald’s revolutionary roots that bloody FF manage to hijack 1916 for themselves. How do FF supporters so conveniently ignore the fact that the biological and political descendants of the 1916ers … Read more

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Multiple personality

For some years now the National Lottery’s Telly Bingo programme has been presented by Shirley Temple Bar, a drag queen previously best known for her/his acts in the gay bar The George. It was always slightly disconcerting to watch … Read more

Garret the Good

I had cause to consult Garret’s autobiography today (All in a Life) and came across this passage. He had been describing his early childhood, how his brother Fergus taught him to type at the age of 7 and other such … Read more

Radio Rows

I was most fortunate to hear this live yesterday. Play this and fast forward to 22 minutes. Will go down in the annals as one of the best rows ever on radio between Joan Rivers and Darcus Howe.

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Pinter and Seinfeld

PO’Neill makes the link between Pinter and Seinfeld…who would have thought it…now I can watch The Betrayal on Friday having seen its offspring on the small screen. Soooo post-modern.

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I will confess – last week I knew practically nothing about Harold Pinter. In fact, I knew less than nothing – I thought he was Scandinavian. But! I am researching and I am going to see his play Betrayal on … Read more

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Doh x 1000

I continue to be defeated by household so-called technology.

In a state of high hassle, I was trying to get them organised for a walk because the baby wouldn’t sleep and a stroll in the pram was the only solution. … Read more

ST on Bridget Jones

Heroines today are pathetic, with one kicking exception

Bridget Jones is back. An Irish newspaper is running a weekly column about the eternally thirtysomething ditz who still can’t get her love life sorted out. Now I don’t mind the author, … Read more

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