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What’s a modern girl to do

Maureen Dowd in the NYT elaborates on women in the movies. A long article, but here’s a relevant bit. All about how men still want to marry down and women want to marry up.

“Moviemakers these days are more interested … Read more

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Trick or Treat

Hallowe’en has passed and I am outraged. I hate to begin rants with “when we were young” BUT when we were young all the children on the road got together weeks beforehand and began our preparations. We collected stuff for … Read more

Domestic update

First: a triumph. I want to formally acknowledge the brilliance of using washing soda as a stain remover. Previously I used it solely to clean out drains: pack into the bath or shower drain, pour on boiling water or for … Read more


Out and about today and I came across the Dublin Marathon. I had time to watch the runners painfully drag their feet along in the rain. And I thought. Why? They were suffering. It was so utterly stupid. I just … Read more


John Waters has written the oddest column. As usual it starts out really well.

“Several of the editors and publishers of newspapers which carried the story have apologised to the Lawlor family for the pain and distress caused to them. … Read more


Every time a pin-striped politician spouts platitudes about our great fortune to live in a democracy, I feel like spitting. Who lives in a democracy? Perhaps we do for the few hours in the evening that we crash out in … Read more

Ferns Report

Everyone is still reeling from the Ferns Report but the consensus is that the Bishops are the ones with the real case to answer for protecting the monsters (and there is no other word) who abused the children. There is … Read more

Harriet Miers

Did she withdraw or was she told to withdraw? Scott McClellan made an interesting slip in his press briefing this morning:

“She called the President last night at 8:30 p.m. He was in the residence when she called him, to … Read more


I’ve had complaints that I haven’t yet commented on the death of Liam Lawlor! Firstly it is with great pride that I must observe that The Sunday Times chose not to publish any of the details about the so-called hooker. … Read more