The Lotto

By | April 14, 2016

I used to be a dedicated player. A Quick Pick for each draw. Sure you had to try right? Other people win, so why can’t I? But I lost heart.

On a whim getting fuel the other day I asked for a ticket. Then I remembered why I stopped buying them.

Premier, the new operators;

  • added more numbers making it harder to win
  • made it more expensive to play
  • and..the machines broke down.

I checked my numbers this morning but there was confusion over which bar code the machine should read.

And I didn’t even win. Anything.

Never again. I wonder has the new business model affected profits? Memo to self: check up on that.

I haven’t given up on the local GAA lotto. That’s 10k but hasn’t been won in over a year. I would LOVE to win that. Is it foolish to hope? Does it only lead to disappointment?

But at least the GAA gets the €2. There is that.