Will no one think of the crows?

By | April 11, 2016

I seem to be pre-occupied with what takes place outside my kitchen window.┬áIt is the stuff of my days. Not that the politics doesn’t matter, but it’s distant and there is little to add, beyond that I hope Dear Leader forms some sort of government, and leaves with dignity, in his own time, on his own terms. As for Independents? Political bidets, really. What use are they to anyone but for showing off?

My friend F, who lives on the other side of the world now, used to complain that people only ever wanted to feed the little birds. What about the crows? They have to eat too don’t they? It’s not just the cute, little things that get hungry. Ugly birds that no one likes can starve too, can’t they?

Well yes they can! She was right. As is my custom, this morning I rounded up the left-over potatoes and rice. I softened the baguette bought in optimism with hot water and threw it all out in the garden. The crows, the rooks and even the sinister magpies came and within minutes it was all gone. A few sparrows crept up afterwards for the scraps.

Apart from the contrarian bird-feeding, there is economic satisfaction. It saves on the refuse charges when those monsters are eating what was otherwise destined for the compost bin.

Tomorrow. The benefits of the alders for the fire.

I wonder where all this will go?


2 thoughts on “Will no one think of the crows?

  1. John Langenbach

    Better not leave your children out playing. Some bird will have them.

  2. brian corrigan

    Don’t worry about the corvids, they will look after themselves as well targeting the songbirds nests next month. For the bunnies find a friend with a quiet air rifle . The meat is delicious. !

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