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  1. Sarah Post author

    Hi Darren, they are all available on the Irish Times website. click on any of “today’s paper” and a calendar pops up on the right hand side. Click on any Wednesday and go to “opinion”. Nuisance is they don’t show the author so you have to click on a couple of headlines before you find mine. I think they are categorising them by author shortly!

  2. Darren Prior

    Hi Sarah, I have not a lot of interest in the pork industry story so didn’t read that one but I read your last one- it is very interesting.

    You and your mother deserve to be commended for getting on the issue!!!

  3. Paul Newton

    Just go to the times site and stick Sarah’s name in the search engine and it will give you all the columns in chronological order!

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  5. Harry

    Hi, fairly interesting deconstructin of your last article available on notesonthefront.typepad.com

  6. Kevin Barrington

    GUBU was just one of the many areas where CCOB was bang on.
    His views on the Belgian colonists, aired when he was the UN man in Katanga, were what you would expect b ut don’t often hear from normal human beings.
    His book “The Siege” on the history of Israel is pretty incisive.

    By the way, Sarah congrats on doing such a good job of irritating those baritoned-voiced, born with a tie on, men-cubs on Politics.ie.

    You seem to get up their noses big time.

    And then you have the cheek to smile in your press photo!

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