By | November 27, 2008

Oh dear, Pete’s comment stung….I decided during the summer to wind down the blog. It got kinda stressful managing it and to be honest, even right now I should be outside playing with my son.

In relation to the whole ST thing. I have said my piece, Frank said his and people can make their minds up on what we’ll call the substantive issue.

But a few comments

1. Loyalty is over-rated. Too many people stay quiet due to misplaced loyalty. When you want to know why scandals stay covered up for years its because too many people wouldn’t rat out of loyalty. There are more fundamental principles. Personally I think censorship, on a matter of grave national importance, by forces who have no interest in Ireland’s welfare is one such principle.

2. I thinks its most amusing that the people most outraged by my actions come from the nationalist/republican wing who on any other day, in any other matter, would be the first to shriek about the influence of the English media. But because they are against Lisbon, they have to vent their outrage at discovering they played into Murdoch’s hands, at me.

That’s my final word!!!

3 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Stephen

    Er… right. To take those excuses in turn:

    1. Loyalty is overrated – this from the woman who still supports Fine Gael despite the fact that her personal beliefs are far closer to those of Joe Higgins…

    2. I suppose some Shinners do take that attitude – but there are lots of other people who think less of you on much more substantive grounds, and ducking out of the debate doesn’t exactly reflect well on you either.

    An appropriate tone on which to end this blog!

  2. Georgia

    For what it’s worth, your version of events rang true to me. Fitzgibbon was exposed and lashed out. What a pity he didn’t have the moxie to stand up to his London pay masters. Where would that have left ST sales if it became known that their Irish editor was squeezed out for insubordination vis a vis Lisbon! Good on you for biding your time.

  3. Sarah Post author

    Shite! I broke when I promised myself I wouldn’t! Ok there’s one comment each there -one in favour, one against. I’m going to close off the comments when we’re even stevens and stop the war before it starts.

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