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By | November 13, 2008

Last night I took part in a panel discussion on Obama at the Abbey Theatre. I never knew, but they do a series of talks that are linked, or not, to whatever play is showing. Richard Delevan hosted, as always with style AND searching questions, and my co-panelists were Margaret E. Ward and Mary-Ann Valiulis. It was really enjoyable. People attend the talks before they go to the play. So great fun. I’m sorry I didn’t know this was happening – thoroughly recommend you check them out.

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  1. Stephen

    Hey Sarah, why on earth haven’t you used your blog to comment on what Frank Fitzgibbon said about you in the Sunday Times? To put it mildly, it didn’t put you in a good light – ball’s in your court, I’d say.

  2. Tomaltach

    Yea, Sarah, Fitzgibbon didn’t pull his punches – though his fist was directed more at the Irish Times than at you. For pure entertainment’s sake, I liked the way he ended up rubbing the Irish Times nose in it about the job losses and the (now patently incredibly ) bad investments they made such as

    As a proponent of the Treaty, I actually think he had a fair point about the IT getting in a twist. The paper gave by far and away the best debate on the treaty, giving great space to major yes and no campaigners, and I obviously agreed with their call for a Yes, but at times they did ring hysterical.

  3. Patrice

    “I liked Carey’s column, which chronicled her domestic life.” Ouch. Down boy.

    Amazed you waded into that one Sarah.

    I voted Yes but if I were voting again, I’d vote No based on the fact that we seem to have lost the right to enforce our immigration laws.

    Fitzgibbon was on the money about the Irish Times. They lost a load of money and are now compromising the quality of the newspaper in an attempt to recoup the losses.

  4. Rob Hickey

    “They lost a load of money and are now compromising the quality of the newspaper in an attempt to recoup the losses.”

    How are they trying to recoup the losses?

    Re Fitzgibbon – He’s total moron. “We have more readers then them” blah blah blah. I actually bought that paper for the first time on Sunday just to read his piece – never heard of him before this.

    Paper is a rag, wouldn’t use to etc etc.

  5. Patrice

    “How are they trying to recoup the losses?”

    By cutting costs, dumping staff, shedding freelancers etc.

  6. harry the hare

    “I voted Yes but if I were voting again, I’d vote No based on the fact that we seem to have lost the right to enforce our immigration laws.”

    LOOK LOOK! an immigration control nut, a racist and a xenophobe. Shut him up now. Stop him from expressing his views stop it now! And he said no to Lisbon! he is the devil!


  7. Andrew Lawlor

    Ah Jaysus, Gerry the Giraffe is back. At the risk of pointing out the bleedin’ obvious, my guess is that Patrice might actually be a female. Your hysterical comment should therefore read, ‘Shut her up..;’

    Anyway, enough padantry.

    Thankfully, in this democracy, we do allow all kinds of individual opinions and views. We also allow others, such as myself, to disagree strenuosly with any view or opinion which is abhorant to our way of thinking. Charlie the Chihuahua seem not to like to be challenged, me thinks.

  8. Pete

    Ok, so Sarah’s too busy to talk to us, let’s go to the pub!

    I assume her new job is keeping her very busy. Congrats on getting it, Sarah.

  9. Blondie

    Why would new job be any more onerous than old one – isn’t it still just one column a week?

    I’m with Patrice on the immigration issue and I don’t give a monkeys what I get called. My youngest learns next to nothing at school because her teacher is too busy teaching the fundamentals of the English language to the ‘new Irish’. Let the old Irish eat sh*t, eh.

  10. Cara

    Jeez Sarah, what a way to repay the Sunday Times for your big break. Do you think the Irish Times would have plucked you from obscurity and given you a column just like that? What ever happened to gratitude…

  11. Patrice

    It was cowardly of you to close the comments box on the Sunday Times saga Sarah. Let it play out and then wind down the blog if you must.

  12. Georgia

    On second thoughts Sarah, I think the standard you set for Frank Fitzgibbon was higher than the one you set for yourself. You let yourself off the hook, saying you were in no fiscal position to create a fuss etc. No doubt, Fitzgibbon felt his hands were similarly tied (if it is true that he came under pressure from London).

  13. Sarah Post author

    huh. how interesting.
    “Georgia”, “Cara”, “Patrice”, “Blondie” and Andrew all share IP addresses.

  14. graham


    It’s your blog. I enjoyed it over the years, regardless of whether I agreed with any one particular view or not. Isn’t life boring if all you are exposed to is the views you already hold!

    All the best for the future.

  15. Darren J. Prior

    I hope you don’t end your blog Sarah given that it is one of the only good ones in Ireland.

  16. Andrew Lawlor

    I find your assertion that I share an IP address with four other commentators on your blog quite puzzling. As you are aware I have often made a point of challenging people, particularly those expressing contentious or controversial views, to come out from behind their smokescreens and tell us exactly who they are. Any comment I have ever left here on your blog has always linked back to my own site, which is published with my name in large letters at the top of the page. Whatever glitch is causing you to see a common IP address for five people is no concern of mine but I do strongly dislike being lumped in with those who are afraid to come out of the shadows.
    I agree with Darren that this is one of the most engaging blogs currently published and it would be a shame to see an end to it. Are you coming under any pressure from the IT over your online prescence? I noticed that you have not been publishing your Wednesday column on the blog.
    Anyway, let me echo Graham. It’s your blog. I enjoyed it over the years and the very best of luck in the future, or should that be ‘going forward’, you’re with the IT now, roight.

  17. Sarah Post author

    HI Andrew, First, regular readers will have noticed I’ve been winding down since the summer. I’m just getting busier and busier and began to found the blog stressful instead of enjoyable. The IT, just to be clear, said they were quite happy for me to publish columns here, but I haven’t because I knew they’d cause debate which I didn’t want to have to moderate! So no conspiracy – just laziness.

    On the IPs, I was really puzzled when I saw your IP come up on some of the other commenters, because you are are a long time and valued contributor. I rarely look at the IPs but just noticed it idly the other day. So I dunno! Maybe there is some glitch – in which case I really do apologise for including you in the list. Or maybe someone’s logging on to your computer. There were two IP’s and I thought maybe one was someone’s work and the other home?
    Anyway, I am sorry for casting asparagus and hey, this kind of paranoia is just the kind of reason I need a blog break!!!
    Many thanks for the good wishes.

  18. Andrew Lawlor

    ‘…you are are a long time and valued contributor.’

    Thanks, Sarah. Consider my ego suitably stroked.

    I have to say that the absence of GUBU will leave a large void in the blogosphere. Most of the other political blogs don’t carry the lenghty and well structured posts that you have made your name with. (Then again, most other political bloggers were not offered a column at at major Sunday paper on the strenght of their postings!) I enjoy a good read over at Dublin Opinion, but they are very left leaning over there, most of the contributors also write for The Irish Left Review. Can anyone suggest a blogging methadone to help us come down from a long period of main-lining GUBU?

  19. Darren J. Prior

    Sarah hasn’t said that she is definitely ending her blog. Everyone can read her column in The IT every Wednesday online or buy the paper so you don’t have to post it up Sarah. I know you are an independent Sarah but being from a FG supporting background I can say that you are the most proactive FG voter in the media and in the blogsphere. It would be disappointing for FG if you ended your blog.

    Seemingly most people who look at websites don’t actually debate on them. So despite the negativity online there are a good few people who look at this blog without debating on it. GUBU does make a difference.

  20. Sally

    Blogging has proved a successful route into journalism for some and a quick and unwelcome route out of it for many : Sarah is obviously not taking any chances and who could blame her. This particular site has gone a bit flat lately anyway and was coming to its natural end, there are others who should take a hint and do the same. Dealing with the “grand old lady” from Roscommon will not be easy but Sarah is wily enough to handle her. Good luck to all.

  21. Darren J. Prior

    Is Geraldine Kennedy from Roscommon? What part?

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