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By | November 9, 2008

Quite funny. My mother calls to tell me I am quoted in the Sunday Business Post.

“Oh Fuckit, how many ways are there to say it, Fianna Fail are just useless”

Who knew people actually remembered old posts? :) I had the moment where I thought, “Did I say that?” I did! I re-read the old post. It’s quite prescient in some ways (and eh, not in others).

Here’ s the BP and old post .

*update – fixed the link. sorry. shoulda check it was working.

10 thoughts on “Quoted in the Sunday Business Post

  1. Darren J. Prior

    Well done!!!

    BTW that link to your post in question is not working.

  2. Electron

    Sarah, you were on the money! Just as well they got back in to face the music – they’ve really made a bow-locks of things this time round. The question is, when will the country recover from their extremes – most believe it’ll take at least ten years, if not more. If we weren’t so dependent on FDI for exports, we’d be in a far better position to ramp things up, but sadly no – we’ve been living in cuckoo land.

  3. Electron

    Sarah, Wow! You article yesterday – what open condemnation of Mr. Murdock’s negative attitude towards Europe – I can, however, understand his reasons. Remember, that he’s Australian and Australia depends on the US for its security . The last thing that the Aussies want to see is a fully integrated Europe overshadowing the might of their English speaking friends and guarantors. Imagine yourself in their position and I think that you’ll understand it too. I’ve got relatives spanning many generations there and they don’t have much confidence in either Europe’s desire or ability to protect their interests.

  4. MIchael Finlan

    Sarah, Excellent column on the Murdoch menace, and, almost out of hand, I would ignore Fitzgibbon’s attempted rebuttal in today’s IT. As a now almost forgotten alumnus of the IT ( spent 27 years there, yikes!) I admire your work greatly and am glad that you have come aboard the only worthwhile newspaper in Ireland. Best of luck, Michael Finlan.

  5. V

    Jesus Christ Electron, you think that the fact Murdoch is an Aussie has anything to do with his motives? And why the hell should Europe be attempting to compete the US for their australian affections?

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