I can’t resist (2)

By | October 30, 2008

Unfortunate phrasing from the official Labour party spokesperson on Willie Penrose taking ill in the Dail today

“Mr Penrose was in the Dail chamber when he suddenly began feeling unwell. An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital for a check-out.”

I do hope he wasn’t checking out! A check up surely? :)

8 thoughts on “I can’t resist (2)

  1. recipio

    I’m a GP and have been asked for a checkout many times. Sometimes they want a few padanols for a headache in their head. Urine in the blood is more serious and they want private treatment ‘cos they are in the HIV.
    Some candyfloss their teeth and their blood type is reasonably positive.Others want a description and if that fails I might as well order the pine box.
    It goes on …………..

  2. Paul

    Hi Sarah –

    Whom do you hope wins the US Election?


  3. Sarah Post author

    Oh, who do you think? :)

    I fear for him though. He’ll have a Democrat congress with him but oh my god, what problems he faces. And leaving aside those boys with guns and loose talk, someone will have a proper go at killing him. If he can get them out of the Iraq maybe he can free up enough money to achieve something in healthcare. It won’t be easy though.

  4. Electron

    Sarah, great article yesterday – I must say that I was totally shocked by Mr Cowen’s worst crisis in 100 years statement. But, when you think about it, it’s consistent with the behaviour of the schoolyard bully that he is – When you don’t play the game according to his plan, he proceeds to wreck the place in fit of temper. First is was decreed by him that we should accept Bertie‘s innocence, then Lisbon and finally the Budget – now that all three have been rejected, he proceeds to extinguish any last glimmer of hope for the future as form of punishment.
    As I said on many occasions before, he’s not suitable leadership material and especially, in these trying times. There should be a push from the public to get rid of him and the sooner the better.

  5. Electron

    Paul, we need someone with basic numeric skills, not the arrogant tantrum throwing waffler that we’ve got in Mr. Cowen – the opposition have some serious talent in their line up, while this lot has nothing . “Don’t throw it all away” remember that from Mr. Cowen‘s- well we’ve succeeded in spectacular fashion , such judgement! It’ll now take another generation to overcome the mess they’ve put us in. It’s Paradise lost on a grand scale and if there’s to be a future, it’ll have to be with anyone other than FF – take a look at the them, the two Brians, Mary and all the other little ones in daddy’s seat, all things considered, Martin Cullen the salesman is possibly the best of them. Richard Bruton is way, way above any of these pretenders – they’re just not in his league. But, that’s Ireland, the emotions surrounding the past will always override any vision of the future and so, its caught in this trap of self destruction, cheered on by Mr Cowen and his milk the system friends. So, Paul, you’ll be staying with it, then!!

  6. The Mongrel Fox

    I could not agree more with you Paul, the thoughts of Kenny ever being Taoiseach would send most people into a deep state of depression. As for talent in FG we can forget that too, electron, James Reilly would be more at home in a ballad group, Enright though educated hasnt a clue and Varadakar should go back to those long shifts on the wards. Richard Bruton is a theorist who has lived in the shadow of his brother. No talent, no thanks

  7. Electron

    The Mongral Fox, Brian Cowen has already sent the whole country into a state of depression both mentally and economically – he’s a total disaster . There nothing to replace him – Martin is weak and Ahern is slippery – he sends a shiver down your spine when ever he appears on television, and as for the others, there’s only the brazen kids and hangers on. The sooner we see the back of them the better.

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