Ahem, morning…

By | August 1, 2008

Right, well, that was an interesting 24 hours. Thanks to Gavin for his help.

Crewser, are you at the Galway Races? Come back! Come back! Oh for the genteel carping of Fine Gael vs Fianna Fail. It turns out techies are FAR more aggressive than political junkies.

Poor Cuil. Honestly, we talked to no more than 20 journalists and then they got 50 million hits

7 thoughts on “Ahem, morning…

  1. Dan Sullivan

    Politics and gardening, I’ll stick with the politics but I did buy a trowel and small hand fork during the week so you never know.

  2. rob

    Cade Metz’ article (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/31/inside_cuil/) he wrote for The Register about Cuil was ridiculously pointless. I read it three times and failed to figure out why it was even written in the first place.

    It seems horribly dumb to start your article off stating that Cuils name is “ridiculous”, when their competing with a company named “Google”. Let’s be serious here, Google is a stupid name.

    Personally I’m sick of hearing about google every 5 minutes and if someone else can take the spotlight for a while, then I’m all about it.

    Go Cuil.

  3. brian t

    This might be a silly question, but… who came up with the “Cuil” name? I thought it sounded Irish as soon as I saw it, yet there are no Irish people on the board…

  4. Sarah Post author

    Tom Costello (founder and CEO) is Irish.

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  6. Darren J. Prior

    I sent Sarah that original online article today. I didn’t actually read it all though. What harm. She is hardly going to get into trouble over it.

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