Mange Tout

By | July 28, 2008

We have sown the seeds with Cuil and will tend to it carefully, nurturing its index, fine tuning the ranking, hope for fine weather and ward off predators. As we wait for the crop to mature, fortunately I came home to find that our mange tout has provided more instant gratification.

When we planted those little peas and leaves popped out a few days later, I thought “ooh that’s quick and cute!”. Then they got taller and taller and were falling over and we stuck in a few twigs and then they got taller than the twigs and kept going! Betty said they’d never do as we hadn’t minded them properly at all. Too late we did some research and found out that peas grow really high! and you’re supposed to have all kinds of grids or tall twiggy supports. I did an emergency run to the hardware shop and bought sticks.

And suddenly! hundreds of ’em!. M has been blanching and freezing and doling out mange tout to grateful family members. They are practically free (cost us the seed and the batons), didn’t come from Kenya, are HUGE and tasty and we are delighted.

mange tout

Here’s for those interested in my ongoing horticultural project,
our lettuce:


and a closer shot of the raised bed:

raised bed

I have to say, the raised bed was well worth the trouble (an 18month gestation while we figured out how much wood to buy, got Feargal to build it and looked for top soil). With minimal fencing it kept out the rabbits and deterred the slugs (we only had a few) and no insect pests for some mystery reason. Made it all very easy to maintain too. No digging and only a little bending.

6 thoughts on “Mange Tout

  1. John

    I like the photographs. They are very clear and add a nice dash of colour.
    Many people who complain about the cost of vegetables could learn from this. All is needed is a little bit of effort.
    Good luck with cuil.

  2. Eamon

    I saw these raised beds at table height – apparently the way to go – no bending – although a bit more expensive to errect. However your uncle does not approve – you can ask him why?

  3. Sarah Post author

    oh dear! I know he’s into not approving. I’ll get Betty to make the call :-)

  4. Gingerale

    Your veggies are beautiful. Congratulations on the yield!

  5. pete

    That looks great, well done!
    For some reason, saying “I need a lettuce (or an onion, or whatever)”, and then just walking outside, pulling it out of the ground, washing it and eating it has always felt wonderfully subversive to me. Like I’ve beaten the system or something. I think it’s the fact that no money changed hands.

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