The Gentleman’s Game

By | July 7, 2008

This link will probably time out but for the next few hours..wasn’t this a beautiful photograph that the IT picked? I only saw the last few games of the match and was disgusted that I hadn’t tuned in earlier. What a joy to watch. I had given up on Wimbledon completely, contenting myself with nostalgia for the McEnroe/Borg/Connors years. But this was such a pleasure. There is still beauty and heroism in the world…

6 thoughts on “The Gentleman’s Game

  1. V

    We were just lucky that the terrestrial channel decided to show it, all the other games had been on Canal+ here in Spain. It is an exclusively middle class sport here, but everyone recognizes that it is an historic win all the same. I still can’t understand his Mallorcan accent though :)

  2. gimmeaminute

    I don’t think you can compare these grunt-fests, whatever their duration, with the grace and subtlety of the Borg/McEnroe clashes.

    I don’t doubt their skill or commitment, I just find it difficult to appreciate or even see, when they’re belting the ball at 140mph.

  3. Liam

    With respect, gimmeaminute, you must have missed the match – it had grace, subtlety, skill, heroism, fantastic rallies, drama; it was a joy to watch.

    And Kerry were beaten too – come on the Royal!

  4. brian corrigan

    Sorry to be pedantic but the ‘gentlemen’s game’ usually refers to cricket.
    It’s a nice photo, Federer is gracious in defeat but it would’nt have killed Nadal to smile ? Still, it should make the ‘best photo’ awards at Xmas in the IT ?

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