Smug vs Happy

By | June 30, 2008

What is the line?

We have been harvesting our greens. It’s SO gratifying. Salads of spinach, rocket and two kinds of lettuce. We are so delighted with ourselves and sigh and say “Yes, it IS working out” and then immediately panic that we are being smug and self-congratulatory and something awful is bound to happen. Like the Gods saying “Ha! They think they are great! But WE will show them”.

What is the difference between saying “phew, we made good choices and we are reaping the rewards – cheers dahling” and being horrible?

Is there some Irish taboo against talking oneself up? Are we culturally programmed to run ourselves down for fear others will think we’re getting airs? When is it ok to say “Wow. We did well. Hurrah!”

One thought on “Smug vs Happy

  1. graham


    You went to a lot of trouble for your greens, spent hours preparing soil, sowing seeds, weeding, and so on. You have every right to sit back now and enjoy the benefits of it all. When you put the hours in, you can pat yourself on the back and be happy in the knowledge that you deserve the bounty that nature has provided with your help.

    And I agree, it is SO satisfying to eat something that you have grown yourself. All that nuturing and care pays off and it tastes a million times better than absolutely anything you could get in a michelin starred restaurant.

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