He drives, she dies

By | June 30, 2008

See lads, you are killing us!!

The Irish Times is now free online.

Will I get a refund on my subscription?

And the typeface is very small. I’ve had to increase the view on my browser…

13 thoughts on “He drives, she dies

  1. Rob Hickey

    Yep – all subscriptions will be refunded.., i read something about a discount on email and archives or such and such.

    The headline on that article could really read “Men to blame for pretty much everything (in the eyes of Women)”

  2. Donal

    Sorry about that, like.

    Saw this headline earlier and seems a bit bizarre. I wonder how the question was phrased and how many were women were asked. I presume that the women asked were in the 17-24 age group mentioned and were probably asked about being in a car with a male of the same age group which is not noted in the article. Without meaning to be an old-fashioned chauvinistic so and so, I’d imagine that in the majority of cases when a man and woman are in a car, the man still drives. So of course accidents will result in a higher proportion of women being injured/killed in cars driven by men.

    Lots of crazy women drivers out there too!

  3. pete

    >He drives, she dies

    Ok, she can drive, I’ll drink.

    (but oh-no, she’s not happy with that either. Do they ever stop complaining?)

    (Retorical question, BTW).

  4. Andrew

    In a car from Carlow to dublin last week, driven by man with several penalty points, at speed limit. 3 times tailgated, beeped and then passed at 30 kph over limit. All 3 drivers, young, female, sunglasses, pursed lips. ‘And they pay less for their insurance’, commented driver drily.

  5. Dan Sullivan

    Sarah, more men are involved in fatal accidents true enough but what is the number per mile driven I wonder? Men still tend to be in jobs that involve more driving than women and more men still drive than women. I suspect that the numbers aren’t as skewed as we’re often lead to believe.

    Fact is girls and young women appear to be attracted to the boy racer type and if they are and chose to get in a car with then what good will a goodie two shoes advertising campaign be?

  6. B

    How many 17-24 year old lads drive around with a 38 yr old woman?

  7. CG

    You’re getting oooooold Sarah, the eyes aren’t what they used to be! 😉

  8. EWI

    Will I get a refund on my subscription?

    Heh. You and me both 😉

    So, that leaves 9,998 other suckers who poined up for a subscripton to the IT…

  9. Dan Sullivan

    I may be stating the obvious here but since many of these accidents occur after pubs and niteclubs and such places have closed so how exactly are the young women meant to get home? Are we directing them to walk home, down our country roads with the drunk lunatics safe inside their car speeding around the place? Or in a cab maybe? Driven by a giraffe perhaps? Most taxi drivers are men too you know. A campaign that said don’t get in a car with someone is over the limit or drives at speeds excessive for the conditions for the pleasure of it, would be too nuanced for the RSA, but one that says baldy states men kill women is fine and dandy. And let’s not kid ourselves exactly how condition are the young women in to make a judgement that someone else is ok to drive when they’re three sheets to the wind themselves.

    It’s a badly thought out campaigned designed to make people feel they are doing something instead of doing something.

  10. Jim Jones

    The article states that The statistics show that between 1997 and 2006, 1,444 women and girls were killed or seriously injured in cars driven by males.
    I wonder how many men and boys were killed or seriously injured in cars driven by males?

  11. Jan

    What does this statistic say? Just that there are more couples driving and that men tend to be the driver of thise cars. And if girls are getting into cars of men they know have beend rinking they’re just stupid. Whole campagin is bogus and build on “facts” that I could have made as well, but the other way around. If this campagina had the words “he” and “she” the other way around then the RSA would get slapped for being discriminating.

  12. paul

    Find it very sexist
    and very unfair add to put out
    because women drivers are as bad as boy drivers for speeding
    as in racing there is girls that rwace and speed out there but they seem to be invisible.
    Insuarnce is very unfair aswell with price .
    18 m honda civic 2,890
    18 f honda civic 420
    Now if your saying thats fair i dont whats up with you but it is very very unfair
    so insurance companies would want to open up there eyes to these girl drivers aswell and stop picking on male drivers…
    how would girls like to see this on the paper

    she drives > he dies.
    not very nice
    its very unfair.
    hope it all gets sorted out as i am bulling over this .

  13. Bob

    I wonder will the FSA come out with a safety campaign now calld “She cooks, he gets food poisoning”.

    Same logic.

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