Plot holes

By | June 27, 2008

I hate plot holes.

Like, in Sex and the City, why didn’t Big have a best man? Wouldn’t that have solved a LOT of problems? She has 3 bridesmaids and he’s on his own?

And in BSG, Series 2, when the “reporter” who turns out to be a cylon, comes aboard the Galactica, why don’t they insist that every civilian who gets onto Galactica is tested? Wouldn’t that be just a basic security measure?

8 thoughts on “Plot holes

  1. CG

    Didn’t Baltar say the test took days? Maybe it just isn’t practical. And didn’t they figure out his ‘test’ was bollocks?

    MMMmmm Baltar though! Love that caddishness.

  2. Sarah Post author

    No he sorted the test.

    Sure remember, when he did Sharon the first time, it came up green instantly but he hid the results.

  3. Sarah Post author

    it did! it did!

    he did test the first Sharon cos she was afraid she was a cylon! he decided not to tell her.

    but they did this cool thing because he first suspected the PR guy and said he was a cylon cos of his test, but we didn’t KNOW it was because of the test. So we saw the PR guy being left at the station and wondered was he really human (on account of the test being so ropey) but then the other cylons arrived to save him and he WAS a cylon after all.

    test works. So USE the fecken thing. Like I said. Plot Hole.

  4. Colman

    Oi! No spoilers! I may be the only person on the planet who’s behind you on BSG, but still …

  5. Niall

    You know, I’ve never been able to get into BSG. From what I’ve seen, it’s interesting enough, but the atmosphere is a little heavy. It takes itself very seriously. Which probably makes plot holes a little hard to take.

    I prefer my sci-fi to be a bit more like Stargate. You’ve got the long-arc plots, but most episodes are more self contained and there’s room for a variety of tones within the same episodes and indeed scenes. Mind, Stargate SGI & Atlantis would have been much better if they hadn’t spent the better part of their history threatened with cancellation.

  6. Gordon Davies

    Doctor Who – the only watchable sci-fi!


  7. Leo

    The Cylon detector does work, but after Sharon Valerii shoots Adama, everybody dismisses it as a failure because it “failed” to detect her as a Cylon. This is probably why it is no longer used.

    Just started watching Dr Who 2005 Season 1 last night, as completely missed it when it was originally been shown. Its good, but better than Battlestar… hmm… not so sure….

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