Galway Tent Off

By | May 23, 2008

Now it’s all, “Tent, what tent? oh THAT tent? ah, sure I never went anyway or if I did, it was only once cos I had to.”

Just today (on random programmes as I was out most of the day)

– Eamon O’Cuiv (says he never likes racing)
– Mary O’Rourke (she prefers Kilbeggan)
– Charlie McCreevy (well he prefers betting and it was only “a pain in the arse” having to call into the tent”
– Seamus Brennan (never went – this apparently is true).

Lo! Was that a cock crowing in the distance?

Apparently someone else said its like 1916 in reverse. No one was there.

I wonder who’ll deny the tent tomorrow?

7 thoughts on “Galway Tent Off

  1. James Lawless

    Well it’s funny I had the opposite reaction always meant to go and never quite got round to it and now I never can boo hoo..!

    We do have a nice little FF get together in Punchestown still and long may that one continue. No builders or at least no notorious ones just lots of groomed and glistening folk drinking themselves silly and throwing all their money on the horses.. everyone has to take a day off running the country some time :)

  2. pete

    In the current property market, they’d probably make a loss on the tent. Maybe Brian is smarter than he looks (or sounds).

  3. Declan

    Tomorrow it will be “Galway? Wheres that? Never been there. I prefer Cork myself, or Kilkenny, maybe Limerick. I may have been there for a day, maybe a day and a half but that was only on a fact finding mission”

  4. Sarah Post author

    I used to go to Leopardstown when I lived in town. It was…..manageable. I find the big festival days too hard going! I don’t have the feet for them :-) especially in the rig outs women need to wear to those things. Our local Point to Point is great. Wellies and scarves and chips :-)
    But the sister goes to Punchestown all dolled up and has a blast.

  5. P O'Neill

    On the serious side, I think it’s Des Richardson is going to be digitally removed from a lot of FF photographs over the years.

  6. The Crewser

    Perhaps Brian Cowen has the right approach. It will certainly give the Gaelers one less thing to whinge and moan about. Maybe they might consider examining the Devitt 20 Grand before it scuppers their Local Election agenda.
    Leo Varadakar please note. Or perhaps they might adopt a more positive approach and develop a few meaninful policies. Not likely methinks.

  7. Eoin

    I think I heard Frank Fahey has been busy dissing the tent over the last few days even though he had been one of the principle organisers.
    In fairness to Eamonn O, he was never a big attender I’m told.

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