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By | May 14, 2008

Just watched the Mini Series. Woah – those Cylons sure hate humanity!

Does anyone know if in the original, they actually found earth?

Onto series 1….

In other news, I found myself, well alright, I voluntarily went to Atlantic Homecare the other day. I am sure I needed something terribly important. Can’t remember what it was now BUT I came across these cool plastic drawer dividers – they clip together in a grid and you put them in your sock/knicker drawer. No more rooting for knickers and socks! Everything is now neatly in a little square. As I was tidying I decided to throw out baggy knickers and too small knickers. I have to stop buying “small” smalls. I am 36, going on 37, my arse is now medium.

7 thoughts on “BSG and other news

  1. Declan

    There was a series called Galactica 1980 where the Galactica found Earth. Flying motorbikes, invisible vipers, time travelling Nazis, super genius kids. It was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL

    In the original the closest they got to finding Earth was a transmission of the original moon landings that they picked up but couldnt read properly.

  2. Andrew Lawlor

    Sarah, could you ask your medium arse how my great aunt Sally is getting on in the next world. I’m particularly interested to know if they have Gordon’s Gin and Schweppes Tonic!!

  3. Pete

    >I am 36, going on 37, my arse is now medium

    I think your blog now qualifies as a porn site. I wonder if I’ll get fired for reading it at work?

  4. itchybollix

    Don’t wear any knickers.

    I say keep it simple .

  5. Sarah Post author

    Andrew’s Aunt Sally isn’t by any chance my Granny? Who was called Aunt Sally by her dozens of nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, and indeed, I think greatgrand nieces and nephews too.
    She preferred brandy I think.

    I get frustrated without happy endings. I hope in this BSG they do find earth. I want resolution.

  6. Justin Mason

    as long as it’s not this Aunt Sally

    I think BSG is scheduled to finish after this season if I recall correctly. agreed that they have to end it, nothing worse than a series just lamely stumbling onwards.

  7. CG

    BSG is great! I have just caught up on everything and it just gets better from the mini series.

    They have made the first 10 episodes of the 4th series and are halfway through showing them. Then there are 10 episodes still to be made, that were interrupted by the writer’s strike. And then it’s over. Apparently the series producer has promised that we WILL make it to Earth, or something like it, by the end, and gets lots of lovely closure.

    Hurry up and catch up so we can speculate on the Final Cylon!!

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