5 thoughts on “Separate Peace

  1. The Crewser

    I think the World recognises that the most important result of the peace process in the North is that people are not dying daily as a result of strife between communities. It may of course be a little too much to expect that certain political elements in the 26 Counties are happy about this. Clearly they are not, otherwise we would not be seeing items such as the above appearing. No further comment required.

  2. donkykemore

    Now that the whiff of cordite has dissipated and the Republican movement have gone Armani there is little interest in PONeill or Adams or Mc Guiness.
    The American interest was always focused on how it could vicariously punish the Brits through the IRA,
    The Wolfe Tones may still draw a few old recidivists but the party is over.
    The great relations between our 2 countries will have to be re scripted . Maybe Neill Jordan could do something like he did with Michael Collins – fictionalize and call it artistic license . Darby O Gill could be the way to go -or the Druid doing a world tour of 50 Synge performances a day.
    Perhaps the revisionists will come up with some thing .Manseragh might be the man.
    Otherwise the Hidden Persuaders ( Vance Packard ’63/4) forces will have to be called in to re brand the IRA.

  3. The Crewser

    The point is though donkeymore who is trying to unravel what has been achieved and why. What exists now is a much better situation than was the case for many a long day. And the people who are trying to destroy the peace now felt they had a right to be part of the Government of this country.

  4. Darren Prior

    FG are marginalised now in politics in the South and the gulf with increase to epic proportions when Brian Cowen becomes Taoiseach. They are going to be up for a ruff ride as FF complete the process of becoming an all-island party. FG should at least have a committee in the North. They wouldn’t attract that many members but a significant number of ex-SDLP members might be interested in joining them in the event of the Northern nationalist party disbanding or merging with FF. Whatever happens about the SDLP FG need a committee up north.

  5. The Crewser

    And their cause will not be assisted by items such as that headed Seperate Peace appearing here. The original P O’Neill would appear to have considerably more to offer in terms of creating and preserving peace in the North than his modern equivalent.

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