Kerrigan on Fire

By | April 13, 2008

oooooh he’s good today. Just one excerpt

“The North Korean part of our mind must continue to accept that Mr Ahern did not deal in sterling, that every penny that went into his Irish Permanent account came from his salary cheques. It must suppress the meaning of what Mr Ahern said when he was defending Grainne Carruth.

“She just didn’t remember something”, he said. Then, in last week’s Sunday Independent interview, he repeated that Ms Carruth “could not genuinely remember”.

What did she not remember? Obviously, she didn’t remember the st£15,500, even when the tribunal proved beyond doubt that she lodged it into Mr Ahern’s account. It wasn’t that she was deliberately misleading the tribunal about the sterling, Mr Ahern insists — she just forgot.

But, isn’t Mr Ahern therefore admitting that there was sterling to forget? And that the sterling came from him, to be deposited into his account? Isn’t this an admission that the story he’s told all along was so much hoo-ha?

Shut up, shut up, shut up. Disloyal thoughts must be ruthlessly extirpated. The Dear Leader must not be harangued by treacherous and fickle traitors from the lower classes. My Celtic North Korean self hereby denounces my disloyal and false beliefs.”

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  1. The Crewser

    Shrewd financial management of the economy Rob, that was the key. But FG and FG led Governments would not know anything about that. That probably explains why a FG led Government was never re-elected in this Country. When the people get a taste of them they cant wait to get rid of them. And as for Petula is she really naieve enough to believe that Enda Kenny or Eamon Gilmore would have some magic panacea for the Health Service. They do not. As I said before if they did they would have put it to the Irish people last May. Support for Mary Harney and her reform programme is what will result in a major improvement in Health Services in this Country but I do not believe that the opposition in Dail Eireann have the balls to support the vitally needed reforms. Neither do their cheer leaders who appear here daily.

  2. Rob Hickey

    Crewser – you are the embodiment of what Kerrigan was getting at. You’re totally unable to criticise the government.

    Look back at everything you have ever post on this site… There is NO criticism of FF. None whatsoever.

    Surely no one gets it right all of the time… Whats the point in criticising the opposition all the time? They’re not the ones implementing the policies.

    You criticise the critics but never criticise the ones who hold the power. Why?

  3. The Crewser

    And you Rob and your Opposition supporting cronies are completely blind to things which happen outside Fianna Fail. Take for example the €20,000.00 which Anne Devitt (FG Councillor Fingal) admitted at the Mahon Tribunal to receiving from a constituent. Neither you nor your pro opposition friends on this site had the grace or the honesty to condemn Ms Devitts action or admit that Enda Kenny had questions to answer in relation to his handling of this affair. Their were two half hearted efforts (Andrew Lawlor and Tom Cosgrave) but both stopped short of recognising that Enda Kenny needed to act. So dont give me this holier than thou, Kerrigan said this or Kerrigan said that blarney. I am bringing just a small bit of balance to what is a very biased and blinkered site. Just accept that.

  4. Rob Hickey

    I accept that no one gets it right all of the time…

    Can you? And if so, can’t you see that Ireland could benefit from a break from FF?

  5. V

    “I am bringing just a small bit of balance to what is a very biased and blinkered site. ”
    Crewser 2008

    The German people are not a warlike nation.
    Adolf Hiltler: 1937

    Which is the biggest lie?

  6. Enf

    Crewser. I am and never have been a FG supporter.

    I am asking one simple little thing. That I nor my family be knocked off by the incompetence of the State.

    The State is not a party but it is quite obvious that you and you FF cronies think that Ireland and Fianna Fail are one and the same.

    This my deluded little friend is fascism.

  7. Enf

    If a politician is corrupt they should be punished regardless of hue.

    Make a list, check it twice and process each and every one of them through the courts.

    I won’t hold my breath. In fact if I have grandkids I won’t get them to hold their breath either.

  8. The Crewser

    Enf no one really cares who you support in terms of politics, its your endless moaning and begrudging approach which pisses me off. Still none of you are prepared to call a spade a spade on the Devitt money. As long as you guys are there with your negative one sided commentary there is a need for me. By the way I am not and have never been a member of any political party in this or any other country. The electorate have a choice every time a General Election is held. They simply do not trust, or have any regard for FG and Labour’s ability to run this country. I agree wholeheartedly with them. The Health Service, bad and all as it is would be a lot worse if the current opposition parties were in charge.

  9. Enf

    Yo Crewser. Pull your bigoted head in a bit.

    You guys have had power pretty much constantly since 1948. You go on and on as if we are a new country just getting on our feat bleating about the “unprecidented boom” that slipped in and out of our hands and we managed not to catch and hold onto.

    I could stand in the centre of the road in parts of central Dublin for over an hour and not be hit by a bus. If I was lucky enough to get run over by said bus I would be brought to hospital where I would either have to wait hours or get infected with MRSA. The “public service” who are not slow to hit us all with a shitty stick when they feel energetic are a joke. We are paying for these lunatics. Why should we not at least have the right to complain?

    My sister was thrown out of the Mater because they didn’t know what was wrong with her. I had to drive her to A&E and I remember her distress in the car. It was the hardest drive I have ever done.

    She eventually spent 4 months in Beaumont seriously ill. I mean asked to leave A&E because they hadn’t seen her condition before and thought she was a junkie. All they wanted was her out. This was in 1999 and she made a full recovery after we had to get her admitted to a private hospital and embarrass the HSE into treating her. They actually considered letting her die rather than trying to figure out what was wrong. We had to do this OURSELVES. This girl was in screaming agony for months.

    How is it one sided? I am not anti this or anti that I am just an ordinary Irish person.

    And it is complete bullshit to claim the opposition would mess up the health service. The system was dealt the fatal blow in 1951 when the Mother and Child scandal hit.

    Noel Browne was a hero and a visionary. He tried to enact the 1947 Public Health act. All he got was an almighty belt from an unelected Church and thrown out of his party. The health service has been in bits since that decision because when the Church declined in numbers the State had nobody to run the health service that had been torpedoed in 1951.

    So the reforms that Harney wobbles on about now are never going to happen. We still have a system filled with administration and managers all making work for each other. I have a friend who was interviewed NINE times by the HSE for different areas of the country by panels of at least three people. Thats 27 people plus admin for one person. That is clearly insane and a total waste of money.

    To say that the electorate do not trust FG, Labour or whoever is to misunderstand the way the register of electors is. The register is way off. People are not registered where they live and some people get thrown off the register or get two cards. We got a card in the door with the right surname and the wrong first name. Also if there is a page missing in the book that goes to the election centre anyone on that page doesn’t get to vote. In France when you move you have to register with the authorites where you are. In Ireland you don’t. So you get people from Mayo who live in Dublin voting in Mayo elections. If they able to go. The day of the election can also influence the vote. So can rain. Its all to play for and there is pretty much no real desire to reform this because it would throw the whole race open and be less predictable.

    Also if parties managed the vote like Sinn Fein we would have different outcomes. You can see by estate, referenced to the box how people vote. I would suggest that some parties are better at getting people to vote for them than others which is not the same as not trusting another party.

    Spade = Spade. Hang all corrupt politicians equally and equally before the law.

    You may call me biased but after nearly losing my sister to the HSE do you really blame me?

  10. The Crewser

    Enf you still refuse to call Enda Kenny to task in relation to the Devitt money, just like all the other contributors to this site. That is really what you must do to show that you do not condone double standards in public life. I am still waiting for you and Sarah and Rob and the rest to do this. You do not have to be an FG or Labour supporter to do this.As for the HSE, I would be the first to agree that it is top heavy with Management people, many of whom simply are not required. But there is simply no way of breaking these people’s life long contracts. They are public servants and they are permanent. What Mary Harney’s reforms will do is to get better value for money given the constrainsts there are with the pay bill. But believe me the first people to start moaning and complaining about any redundancies in the public service will be FG and Labour politicians. They cannot have it both ways. Their solution to the Health problem is to shovel move money at it. It is a nonsensical approach as there is more that enough money pumped into it already to have an excellent service. Irish taxpayers will not pay more tax to support the opposition approach. They want to see value for the billions which are already being allocated to the HSE annually. So do I.

  11. Enf

    Crewser. Call who you like to task. I am not defending FG. Are you thick?

    As for the HSE it is never going to reform keeping all the same people doing the same things. That makes no sense.

  12. The Crewser

    As I said I dont care who you support. I am not thick and I think such name calling says a lot more about you than me. A very complex set of reforms are in train but Trade Unions must be brought along and it is a very tedious process. As I constantly remind people improvements will not be visible immediately. But its the only show in town as far as the HSE is concerned.

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  14. Enf

    The HSE is a crock of shit.

    It is too large and too entrenched in petty nonsense to be reformed.

    Improvements may not be visible immediately but how many dead bodies will it take before they start?

    The HSE is a layer of shite on top of an already bloated and dysfunctional “system”.

  15. Enf

    Asking if you are thick or not is not name calling. I was looking for an assessment.

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