For Sale

By | April 1, 2008

Like Tales from the Cul de Sac? Now, a truly unique opportunity to live in our enclave! Brought to you exclusively by top auctioneering firm, Carey’s, a once in a lifetime chance to live down the road of a famous columnist!

Yes, the people eventually died out in one of the original land commission houses and it was sold, levelled and rebuilt. New house now for sale. At just under the million a snip for anyone selling a pad in Dublin and in search of a country life.

House is “before” the gauntlet of terriers, so pedestrians safe.

6 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Darren Prior

    And along came the stalkers…

    “I’m your number one fan.”


  2. Darren Prior

    As a matter of interest Sarah, you should ask your father did he ever get or does he get many letters from Gael-Taca. They contact developers and estate agents throughtout the country re. their free service.

  3. The Crewser

    I presume you are referring to Anne Devitt again Darren.

  4. Tom N

    Would have made an extra 300 K two years ago. Would consider it if better half would move…and you would have nice FG neighbours…

    On a different note, glad to see the Crewser again.
    Presume you are working on your “The money was just resting in his account and he was hounded out of office speech”.

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