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By | March 3, 2008

The total creeps at the Academy Awards have forced YouTube to remove the video of Marketa Irglova making her acceptance speech at the Oscars. It was the highlight of the show (so says anyone who saw it) and Jon Stewart was still talking about it on his show. BUT they didn’t include it in the highlights which were sold as a package to TV stations around the world (as I saw on RTE2) and they don’t show it on their own ( website. So no one can see the best bit of the whole ceremony! Including me!!! It’s so annoying.

Update!!! Holy God. I cannot claim causation here, but I emailed the Oscar people earlier and complained. They sent me back this link!!!! It’s great stuff.

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5 thoughts on “Copyright Freaks

  1. Tomaltach


    Well, this kind of says it all about the Academy. Imagine, that packaged drag was a cut down version!

    By the way, I saw Atonement at the weekend. I was terribly disappointed. It was well shot. The period was nicely captured and the war scenes were well done. The acting was competent. But my God it lacked cohesion and emotional force. I’m afraid I could make very little emotional connection with the character of Briony. We spent so much time in the battle fields that when we return, we don’t care about Briony. We are more sucked into the fate of the lovers (I thought anyway). The equation between her juvenile misjudgement come nasty trick and the suffering that resulted is never quite pitched at the right convincing intensity. And i thought the writer’s interview at the end was clumsy. I didn’t care about her anymore and was glad when the credits roled.

  2. Roisin

    On The Daily Show website, Jon Stewart interviews Madeleine Albright and she comments on Marketa’s speech, referring to them both being ‘Czech girls’.

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