By | March 3, 2008

I’m back. The sun is shining, the air is fresh and smells of aromatic trees. The TV is wall to wall Primaries. I don’t like McCain at all anymore. He looks so shifty.

I will conduct research amongst my colleagues and draw conclusions on America based on oh, 6 conversations with this small clique of Silicon Valley Phds which will surely qualify me to pronounce on the subject of the elections in an authoritative manner. I am available to take calls from RTE. Save them sending Charlie out 😉 Sure what more would he do?

2 thoughts on “California

  1. Tom N

    My tupence worth on the US Elections is that Americans are looking for a messiah. That’s the coverage here. Mind you, I think the Irish might be a bit like that too. You’d probably do a better job than RTE.

  2. Joseph

    hang on a minute- whats going on with you going back and forth to the USA. It is impossible to keep up with you, can u not like be more fixed in the one place or something. your wrecking me head, and im buzzing

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