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I got the call on Friday. Link here to the show.

My mother accompanied me and I was most grateful. On the way there we ended up heading northbound on M50, a victim of the roadworks which ironically we were admiring instead of focusing on keeping in the correct lane. Then coming home the most dreadful fog! As we approached the M4 toll plaza, it was surreal. The road markings disappeared and we were in a sea of fog. Fortunately I know the way into the plaza and crawled along keeping to the left, to find a Sligo car driving horizontally across the plaza, completely lost. He waited till I went past him and then followed me into the plaza slowly and then followed me out. But even then I ended up perilously close to the crash barriers on the right hand side. Mad stuff.

Anyway, the show was good fun. It was a pleasure to meet the wonderful Kathy Sheridan. I’m a big fan as is my mother. Kathy grew up in a political household (her father was a TD) and feels the spawn of politicians should have counselling. Des Peelo’s tan was impressive and while we disagreed on Bertie I told him later he was right about executives in Howth not using the DART even though its on their doorstep. There is a prejudice against public transport in some quarters. I thought Barry Andrews did well and didn’t suck the life out of the show the way some of his senior cabinet colleagues so often do. And Leo Varadkar is tall, which is always a surprise. People you know only from the telly are usually small. Like me :-)

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83 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Justin Mason

    hey, I’ll tell you what’d be nice Crewser — if you got your own weblog to have this back-and-forth, instead of clogging up Sarah’s comments!

    Your comment regarding ‘intimidation on sites like this’ indicates that you seem to believe this is some kind of discussion area, rather than someone else’s personal site.

  2. Margaret

    Justin, I am in 100% agreement with you, every topic that Sarah blogs on is brought back to a party political rant, it is completely repetitive, and pointless at this stage!
    I accept that issues to do with the largest political party are of course of importance, but one of the reasons that this blog has had such a loyal following was because of the wide range of topics Sarah has covered in the past.

  3. Tom Cosgrave

    Crewser, you’re either naive or you’ve done very well out of FF.

    As I have said before, I believe that they made him a Senator. Crewser and the rantings of a certain Senator Harris are identical.

  4. Zara

    He’s beginning to sound like a good guy. Letter in today’s IT:

    Madam, – I find it difficult to understand why Denis O’Brien’s donation to the FAI should be shrouded in such scepticism.

    Denis O’Brien has been a dedicated and loyal supporter of many projects for several years. In particular, his support for Special Olympics Ireland has been invaluable to its growth and development. Under his chairmanship, the 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games showcased the very best that Ireland has to offer in terms of volunteering, community spirit, and active citizenship.

    From first-hand experience we know he has always given his time, expertise and energy in a silent way and has never looked for anything in return. He is still passionately involved in Special Olympics Ireland as chairman of our council of patrons. His dedication to promoting the talents of people with a learning disability knows no bounds.

    Similarly, his donation to the FAI was not required of him he did it to demonstrate his passion and love for Irish sport. We have seen in the past how a successful Irish team and qualification for major tournaments has inspired thousands of young people to participate in sport. Let’s hope our qualification for South Africa in 2010 will have a similar effect.- Yours, etc,

    MARY DAVIS, CEO, Special Olympics Ireland, Dublin7

  5. Sarah Post author

    ok I will adopt Gerry’s policy. Crewser comments to be deleted. And the rest of you have some cop and don’t respond.

  6. Electron

    Margaret, the topic is about Q&A which is/was essentially about the politics of the day. Sarah was excellent on that panel, as she usually is – she has a crystal clear mind and got to the point immediately – she’s a stunner in every sense.

  7. Gordon Davies

    As a matter of record, I would defend the presence of Crewser here. His blind sycophantic adhesion to the FF fantasy, his refreshingly naive belief in the lastest spin from party HQ are a fascinating reminder of the delusions that reign in the party lead by Bartholomew.

    The sub-title of this blog is “an Irish woman’s social, political and domestic commentary. Remove discussion of FF, FG, Tribunal, Mahon, Bertie, Bartholomew, Galway races, May 24th, election, O’Reilly, Independent newspapers, Drumcondra, Dail, health service, gridlock…and little is left of the social and political aspects.

    We have just heard that Bartholomew has admitted to non-declaration of income to the Revenue. Should this not be a subject of discussion.


  8. Zara

    I don’t think there’s any need to delete Crewser either. That’s what the scroll bar is for, ignore. Although he does tend to hijack things and get boring. He’s a fine example of FF brainwashing laid bare.

  9. Margaret

    I was not being critical of Sarah’s blog, I was expressing a wish that the wide variety of topics that Sarah addresses were allowed to be openly discussed.
    I also believe that to reduce political debate to arguments about political parties in Ireland is in my opinion a very insular political discussion, there are far more grave political questions that could be discussed, and not all centred on this country of ours.
    Questions and Answers would have been taken off the air many years ago if the panel spent each night arguing constantly about who was best Fianna Fail or Fine Gael!

  10. The Crewser

    You have changed your tune since last night Zara. I thought you liked a little balance. Nobody has had the gumption to address the issue of whether a contributor is entitled to challenge the contributions of another or whether intimidatory tactics are acceptableby those who run sites such as this.

  11. Zara

    Yes, I like a little balance Crewser but you have a one-track mind – and sex doesn’t get a look in. 😉 Seriously, you don’t engage with other posters. You just spew out the same nonsense over and over, ramming your views down everyone’s throat. Intelligent argument it is not. Talk to me not at me and you’re welcome at the table.

  12. Electron

    Margaret, it not a question about being parochial in outlook – the behaviour of our public figures is very important to me. I have had to make my living from other countries for most of my life and it’s very difficult with this corruption thing in the background all of the time – there is a perception abroad that our public accepts and defends this corrupt behaviour – if only it were lanced there and then, we could all walk much taller. That’s why I become so exercised when ever it raises its head. We have to demonstrate that we’ve got integrity as a people – without pathfinders like D.O’B and M.O’L we wouldn’t have much going for us. Sheltering under U.S. Brand names doesn’t do much for our image abroad.

  13. Gerry

    eh sarah you’re not doing a very good job so far. swift action is needed. and don’t allow your liberal instincts regarding free speech to over-ride doing the right thing. you’re under no obligation to host the world’s most boring debate.

  14. Joseph

    for once crewser is making some sense – but then spoils it by making silly and unfair comments about Sarah which are just not true.

    She is not bias in favor of FG at all. she allows all shades of opinion

  15. Joseph

    just kidding but on a serious note, the most sneaky two faced and ignorant politicians in this country are BRIAN HAYES of FG [a complete and utter phoney] and PAT CAREY of FF [also a complete and utter phoney] they are two of the most pernicious and nefarious politicians I have ever come across.

    They make the left of the people in Leinster House look good.

  16. Sarah Post author

    btw, aren’t Manserght’s hysterical outbursts hilarious? He’s losing it.

  17. Elizabeth

    Particularly when he squawked “respect your betters” at Eugene O’Regan, who put in a reasonably good performance.

    However, I despair at the hamfisted way the opposition are handling this. From a strategic point of view, there is no point in getting mired down in the minutiae of each payment and its tax implications – most people are disinterested in the details.

    Instead, every time a FF representative or what passes for current affairs in RTE these days – Aine, Miriam, Marian et al – states, “But in fairness, there has been no mention at the tribunal today of Owen O’Callaghan/planning corruption…”, the opposition spokesperson needs to very clearly and concisely say – it was alleged that Bertie Ahern received improper payments from a developer, Owen O’Callaghan, which he denied. The tribunal cannot just take his word for that, so they had to examine his accounts. In doing so, they found a number of very large transactions for which he has now provided several contradictory and unconvincing undocumented explanations. The tribunal has been forced to spend time and money examining his affairs in such forensic detail by his failure to give all the information when he was first asked for it and by his inability to stick to the one story. Until he provides a credible explanation for those moneys, the tribunal cannot say that they do not represent corrupt payments from Owen O’Callaghan. Simple as that.

  18. Rob Hickey

    I heard Mansergh this morning as well – I thought the radio was going to melt when he hit the high notes. He has a timbre in his voice that rivals Maria Callas.

    “Know your betters!”?? Yes, exposing yet again the arrogant ‘quality’ of all FF TDs.

    He’s a historian you know, so he’s obviously better than you.

  19. Rob Hickey

    And Crewser – a very entertaining guy?

    I’m sure the Hitler Youth thought Goebbels was hilarious!

  20. Electron

    Elizabeth, you’re stating the obvious – all we need is for Bertie to put his hands up and then we’ll look at how we can minimise the humiliation – it could possibly enhance his reputation. Martin Mansergh in saying that the politics of today is different was in fact admitting that yesterday’s was dodgy. It was and we know it, so why continue with this painful charade.

  21. Elizabeth

    Electron, I know I’m stating the obvious. The problem is that opposition spokespeople, instead of shouting the obvious from the roof tops until it sinks in, allow themselves to get bogged down in tedious debates about the detail. Miriam Lord had an excellent piece in the Times yesterday about how differently FF would behave if they were in opposition. The gloves need to come off.

  22. Tom Cosgrave

    Tom says this is a private site and that I should F.. off.

    All I inferred on this thread is that you were Senator Harris – which you have never denied on all the occasions I suggested it, incidentally. Am I correct?

    Previously, I did not say it was a private site and you should F. Off. I said that it was Sarah’s website and she could do as she pleased.

  23. Electron

    Elizabeth, I know, FF in opposition is a scary prospect – they always behave like delinquents and abandon any sense of responsibility towards the national interest. It must have something to do with the loss of access to the national till. The weird thing is that I and some of my friends, in a strategic move, voted for them in the last election. With the economy on the wane and hard times ahead, we thought it better that they should shoulder the responsibility during the downturn – they had it so easy for years, it would be a shame to let them off the hook. The gloss has gone and Mr. Cowan has gone to ground and there are no ideas coming forward as to how they intend dealing with pending crisis – ignore it and it’ll go away is the response so far. There are interesting times ahead!

  24. The Crewser

    If I was gone I know Sarah would miss me, perhaps like one would miss a boil on the bum perhaps. But there you go. There’s no pleasing everybody.

  25. Sarah Post author

    :-) i just deleted a bunch of your comments and then you vaguely redeem yourself.

    If you would just hold back Crewser you would be welcome. Try doing one comment a day.

    Why have you so much time for this? Don’t you mind that you drive us mad? Does that please you? ARE YOU A SADIST? :-)

  26. Liam

    How does “one miss a boil on your bum?” crikey, Sarah’s right, you are a sadist!!

  27. The Crewser

    The number of my comments are proportional to the number and content of other comments. As I am the only dissenting voice on this site at present I think that is entirely reasonable. You said you would do what Gerry suggested but you have only done one half so far. I only react to what appears here. If you carry out Gerry’s suggestion in full I will be happy to keep my comments limited to one per day. The ball is in your court now.

  28. Sarah Post author

    hmmm so if I stop talking about Tribunals, you’ll behave? but then you would have succeeded!

    And what fun today!!!!! if ONLY it was televised.

  29. Zara

    I think Crewser would be missed on this site. Y’know how in college there was a guy (any guy.. every campus has at least one) who was a complete nuisance – accosting you for fags, bus fare or to do his photocopying cos he’d been barred from the library – and years later you remember him fondly and don’t cross the street when you see him coming wearing a mad hat. That’s Crewser!

  30. Tom N

    Zara, you have the Crewser all wrong. I initially thought it might have been Bev Cooper Crooked Flyn, but I have what alcoholics call a moment of clarity. Among the pearls was that she knew for a fact that justice was achieved in only about 30% of cases.

    The Crewser is in fact an FG plant. Still assuming its a woman, she has made some outrageous statments. One can only conclude that the purpose of these is to turn everybody off FF, by assuming that such stupidity comes from within FF. It is genius by FF.

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