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By | February 14, 2008

Long and interesting piece by Max McGuinness in the Dubliner. Not least because it features ME!! :-)

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  1. Darren Mac an Phríora

    What is that- the longest article in the history of journalism?

  2. Justin Mason

    God, some sloooow comment moderation over there. Here’s the comment I posted, which is still waiting in the queue there….

    ‘Though there are probably thousands of Irish blogs, only a handful manage to attract more than a few hundred readers a day and none manage to make any money out of it.’

    First off, for what it’s worth, there are just under a thousand Irish blogs, by my reckoning:

    Secondly, quite a few make money out of it; my AdSense account demonstrates this nicely. The MSM fails to fact-check, yet again! 😉

    I was discussing the Irish newspaper industry’s blog-phobia with some mates recently. We concluded that it’s a byproduct of their status as a specialist, secondary news source.

    The older generation, and offline country folk, are now the primary readership for Irish newspapers. Most of the people who would be comfortable with reading online news — young, urban users — now tend to read the English papers, either online, or on paper, as their primary news source.

    Of course, this may be partly *because* the Irish papers haven’t bothered their arses getting their stuff online in a useful way.

  3. Rob Hickey

    I buy the Irish TImes every day without fail – I’ve gotten to know the chap at the news stand so I never let him down.

    I can’t read Sunday newspapers at all – full of sh1te. I read the Guardian online as its “unlimited” and updates regularly and as regards blogs I only read your own Sarah to be honest.

    In my opinion, a blog or online newspaper will never replace the original. It functions better as a medium for feedback on an article or a forum for discussion, so it can work well with a newspaper’s online presence.

    From my own experience of reading them – blogs more often then not end up being bitch fights.

    Just some market feedback for you bloggers out there.

  4. Sarah Post author

    I agree with Rob. I told Max when we talked that I thought most blogging was really pre-Bebo pre-Facebook social networking. There are some outstanding blogs which provide wonderfully nuanced analysis that you just can’t get in the newspapers but ultimately the MSM are the newsbreakers. Blogs also provide a great information service for niche markets. However, regular papers have their flaws and blogs are great at pulling them up on those, but blogs will always be the dessert rather than the main course.
    And if it wasn’t for some who will remain nameless, the debates would generally be quite entertaining!

    Em, is that a compliment Daniel? :-)

  5. Darren Prior

    “pre-Bebo pre-Facebook social networking”

    What do you mean? Bebo etc. is just about chat between friends.

    Blogs can be about anything you want them to be. It would be unusual to discuss political issues on bebo. If you have political beliefs and want to further them the best thing to do re. the net would be to have a blog.

    Btw. I am going to start using my name in English now on this blog as I do on my own blog and its how most people know me.

  6. Darren Prior

    I’m a firm believer in the power of citizen journalism. If we have agenda’s the power of internet discussion has a good complimentary affect in forwarding the things we believe in- and of course other things which we may not feel passionately about.

    Internet discussion like letters to ‘papers are always a barmometer on any issue- although it is possible to overemphasise their importance.

  7. Daniel K.

    Sarah, I think it was more an observation on the style of the shot. Smash Hits used to drop in pictures that looked somewhat out of place with the subject of the article. So someone in a jacket indoors looking askance at the camera/reader fits what I recall of the milieu. I could be wrong on that.

    You looked lovely as ever.

  8. Sarah Post author

    :-) why thank you

    The photo was actually taken by a friend of mine Paddy – check out his site for wonderful character shots.

    He’s always clicking away so his photos usually catch me with the “not you again” look :-)

    The Dubliner was SUPPOSED to credit him but outrageously didn’t.

  9. Ninja

    Interesting piece. Not sure his criticisms of the Irish Times were fair though. He was right about the Independent’s website, what a waste of pixels. And as for vanity projects, Irish newspapers pay so little – you could say in terms of the time/effort involved, writing for them is every bit as much a vanity project as a spot of off-the-cuff blogging.

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