The Daily Show on Mitt Romney

By | February 8, 2008

Gotta watch this

You want the clip on Jon takes on Mitt Romney’s drop out. So so good.

My question is: how did this idiot get so far?

7 thoughts on “The Daily Show on Mitt Romney

  1. brian t

    What is a Mitt, anyway? A piece of old leather, with a hole for someone’s hand to go inside, but at least it sounds American.

    McCain, on the other hand, is a brand of frozen chips – sorry, French Fries – sorry, Freedom Fries. A real cold hunk of potato.

  2. Savlanut

    Mitt’s first name is Willard. That speech of his is so awful. Am I the only one cheering myself up by watching clips of the West Wing on YouTube? ‘Two Cathedrals’ and ‘Biblical Quotes’ are the best. By cheering myself up, I really mean crying!

  3. Paul Newton

    That’s almost beyond belief, it’s scary that nutters like that can get within an asses roar of the white house…. “the france of the 21st century” quote was brilliant.

    I like Obama but can’t get rid of the feeling that there’s someone just off camera pulling all the strings… and I have no idea who that might be… maybe we would all be safer with a Clinton in the big house.

  4. Stephen

    With all due respect, to call Mitt Romney an idiot is itself idiotic…
    Just spend ten minutes reading about what he’s actually achieved in his life and I suspect you’ll change your mind.

  5. Dan Sullivan

    I’m coming around more to the idea of Clinton as the nominee mainly because while I think Obama is more inspirational in his speeches that the Presidency is no place to learn on the job. I would have a lot of time for McCain too, at least he is a comparatively consistent and principled man when thinking of the Republican field. You know this election between Clinton and McCain could be the first time that the election has been about actual policy differences since 1992.

  6. Sarah Post author

    With all due respect, France has the highest birth rate in Europe so, putting aside the really stupid point he was trying to make, and the dense analogy, he was still factually incorrect. I don’t care if he’s rich. Imagine having a president even more stupid than Bush? A lucky escape…
    I’m with Dan on Clinton. I like Obama a lot, and I fear Clinton’s polarising abilities but ultimately she’s got experience of dealing with republican reputation butchers and Obama doesn’t. Though if either one got into the White House, wow! That would be a great day…

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