Justice Irish Style

By | February 1, 2008

After some initial confusion at Busarus when the 1545 services didn’t show up, I interviewed the driver of the 1600 to Portumna. He was a calm, friendly type and I opted to go on his almost empty bus rather than negotiate the crazy queues for the other western bound services. I sat up the front and the driver, another lady and myself exchanged pleasantries and remarked on the queue chaos. We cruised off calmly down the Quays, not letting the building Friday afternoon rush hour traffic bother us.

Proceeding down the N4 at the Lucan section we exchanged disapproving looks as a red VW Golf whizzed down the hard shoulder past the tailback. Then we saw a garda motorbike whizzing after him and laughed smugly to ourselves and wondered to each other what the penalty might be. With his light on he waved the VW in, parked his bike, alighted confidently, removed his notebook and we practically cheered at the prospect of a bollox getting his comeuppance.

Then we got confused. Suddenly it was all chats and waves and the garda hopped back on his motorbike and zoomed off. At this stage we passed the VW (still on the hard shoulder) and peered into the car wondering what story had been spun to extricate the driver so simply from his predicament. Two men. The passenger wearing a blue t-shirt. The driver wearing a fleece and HANGONASECOND – a Garda shirt underneath!!!!! No WONDER he got away. More bonding from the outraged bus passengers and driver with “huh, two laws in this country” and “no wonder people don’t bother obeying the law” etc.

The car did move into the tailback for a short time and then lost patience and went off down the hardshoulder again.

I have the number plate. I should complain. But I never wanted to turn into a person who complained about such things. Well, to the proper channels. Obviously I can complain on blogs and over lunch. Which has no effect other than to confirm all our prejudices about Guards.

10 thoughts on “Justice Irish Style

  1. AvoidingLife

    I would be apt to jump to the same conclusion, but in all fairness it could have been an undercover job or other legitimate business that required a civilian vehicle!?

  2. Sarah Post author

    na. cos they went back into the normal traffic and then went back in to the hard shoulder once the real cop was gone. Hardly the behaviour of a cop on the beat! AND they were laughing!

  3. gimmeaminute

    Then they wouldn’t have re-entered the tailback.

    It just looks bad because they were guards. Doctors get special treatment in hospitals. Chefs get special treatment in restaurants. Lepidoperist get special treatment in…bad example.

  4. EWI

    I was just watching the British police marching on London a few days ago.

    What a missed opportunity to bring in the army and get a few baton charges going, might teach those f*ckers a little respect for the public.

  5. John

    It’s not right, but everyone who’s spoken to an off duty guard socially knows that that’s the way it is.

  6. Niall

    Ah come on. How many of us can honestly say that they’ve turned in a work colleague for something minor? There might have been a good explanation. Perhaps the Garda in question was late for work. Honestly, do we really care?

  7. V

    not sure if getting the army to wipe out the police would work. Nice idea though!

  8. EWI

    not sure if getting the army to wipe out the police would work.

    Who said anything about wiping out? I just think that finding their skulls on the wrong side of a baton or two might work wonders for their appreciation of the importance of civil liberties.

    The c*nts.

  9. V

    …well, be thankful you don’t live in the US where you need to look out for the police as well as the criminals or ‘LA ramparts division’ if you are really unlucky.

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