13 thoughts on “Retraction

  1. donkykemore

    Bertie has developed psychizoid icharacteristics which were formerly attributable to psychopaths . However the psychiatrists don’t use the term anymore as a clinical condition.
    The prefer the terms hypomania , or inadequate personality disorder. The common denominator here is that these people don’t really appreciate the value of truth; they see in whatever circumstances they are confronted with only the most expedient way to escape.
    They have few social values; they would have made ‘good’ spies – assasination is a casual necessity – so do it .
    Bertie’s conflation of events would challenge even the psychiatrists classifications , though they have a description for a particular type of thought process called ‘knights move thinking ‘ meaning the thinker doesn’t necessarily think in a linear or algorithmic manner ; these people also suffer from ‘flight of ideas’ and often delusion of grandeur , and most pertinently – neologisms ( new words often bereft of meaning)
    And very often they survive despite torture , and extreme adversity.
    And their most bizarre beheivour is condoned by those closest to them .The Nazi party had quite a few of them.
    But Bertie is just becoming unraveled by the many in the media , who for so long waited in the long grass to avenge his reluctance to surrender to paparazi photos on the occasion of the daughters wedding.
    He is of course still the most cunning .. devious..etc

  2. A Nonimus

    Your defence of The High Society and Justine Delaney-Wilson is more likely to come back to haunt you, Sarah!

  3. crocodile

    We’ll be hearing a lot more of the ‘c’ word. No, not ‘Crewser’. ‘Casino’.

  4. The Crewser

    And also her staunch defence of Enda Kenny (turning a blind eye to Anne Devitts 20 Grand) And then there was the Telenor document which FG did a good shredding job on. But that was a different Tribunal of course. Suddenly Enda has got very worked up about the need to support the Mahon Tribunal. Pity he didnt have the same attitude to the Moriarty Tribunal but then needs must I suppose.

  5. The Crewser

    I think it was coined by the other “cruiser” He who used to go North and link up with the Orangemen at a time when it was not fashionable to do so.
    It seems so long ago now a bit like the last FG / Labour coalition. Times change.

  6. Tom N

    Fighting a good fight there Crewser. Still sticking by my conviction that you are an FG plant. Your submissions are recommended reading to all.

    If you don’t assume that you are a FG plant, then you have done a wonderful job in showing us the bizarrely, quasi religious like devotion to your leader. If you are a FG plant, it has been very funny, and incredibly well written and I commend you. All of FG salutes you!

  7. Sarah Post author

    You know, I thought that was SO overblown. Turner is entitled to a passport. I don’t see what the problem is. But then as, we’ve seen, what the hell do I know?

  8. The Crewser

    And because you are so gullible Tom N to even think such a thing, I feel its worth re-assuring you yet again that Enda Kenny will never lay a glove on Bertie, to use boxing parlance. Far too many skeletons in his own closet, I suggest.

  9. The Crewser

    For those of you entirely feed up with politics here is a little link which will take you through to a nice little ditty from Canadian Anne Murray. There is even a mention of Ireland. Give it a spin, it will relieve the tension. Interesting that the same problems such as clean air were there in the mid eighties. At least we have peace, in places at any rate.

  10. The Crewser

    Sarah has been out with the secateurs in a big way this week. And Spring hasn’t even arrived yet. I think I need a holiday.

  11. Hilary

    Yup! Think your defence of Denis O’Brien/Michael Lowry will come back to haunt you as well. Although I LOVE what O’Brien’s doing to Sir Hasbeano. More!

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