At the risk…

By | January 20, 2008

of incurring harangues with Crewser…

His Dead Mother?
He’s bringing his Dead Mother into it?

Wonder who leaked those documents?

Typical, I write a column saying he’s probably not corrupt and then the man is so desperate to come up with explanations for the source of money he drags his dead mother into it.

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  1. The Crewser

    How low will this woman descend into the gutter to try and blacken the name of our Taoiseach. We already have a “cradle to grave” investigation being carried out at the behest of compulsive liar, and bitter failed property developerTom Gilmartin, a media conspiracy involving several Titles and now when this story appears in a paper which has been no friend of Bertie Ahern she has the audacity to suggest that the Taoiseach himself planted the story. I could excuse it of course as an “Anthony Sheridan moment” but I have my suspicions that Sarah is just doing what her favourite party leader (the electoral reject) Enda Kenny would want. Its most important for all of us that this campaign of nastiness is not allowed to succeed. I am fully confident that the Irish people will see to it that it does not.

  2. Andrew Lawlor

    Average life expectancy in Ireland is currently about 78 years. This is not as good as Japan where an infant born in 2005 can expect, all things being equal, to live to the ripe old age of 81. However, a child born in Ireland in 2005 can expect to live over twice as long as a child born in Zimbabwe, where life expectancy has now dropped to just 33 years from a high almost sixty years in 1990. Swaziland ranks lowest of all at just over 31 years.

    All of this information came to light when I was thinking about what to write today. I was going to do a tongue in cheek piece about all of the dead bodies around Dublin Castle this last 10 years or so. Isn’t it odd that every time the trbunal or a witness unearths the identity of someone who could clear up his whole sorry mess……you guessed it.

    They turn up dead.

    (Has Jessica Fletcher been hanging around the Castle recently?)

    This was supposed to be about Bertie and the wonderful gift he recieved from his dear old mammy, But after reading about the decimation of Zimbabwe in life expectancy terms by that animal, Mugabe, I don’t really have the heart for it.

    I’m sick of Bertie and his lies. I’m sick of his grubby money. I’m sick of the explanations which rank lower than ‘the dog ate my homework…’ I’m sick of the guy who can explain everything being, unfortunately, inconveniently dead. I’m sick of banks that don’t keep records or even count the wads of cash handed to them by finance ministers. I’m sick of the Green Party saying in May that Fianna Fáil are the devil incarnate before entering government with them in June. I’m sick of hearing that Bertie doesn’t care about money when all of the evidence says that there is no level to which he will not stoop if the price is right. I’m sick of people like the Crewser telling us that it doesn’t matter, as long as we have peace in the North and a boominmg economy and the M50 upgrade is finished on time everything will be all right. I’m sick of the silence over the closing down of a good, independent critic of hose in power – the Centre for Public Inquiry.

    You might think that I’m sick of being taken for a fool, but you would be wrong.

    I’m not all that sure that the Irish public has been taken for fools. We know that these leaches have been pilfering and lying and cheating for years. If we gave a shit about this then, yes, we would have been taken for a ride. However, if we gave a shit about any of this they would not still be there, most likely still pilfering and lying and cheating.

    As I have said many times before, the beauty of democracy is that you actually do get the government you deserve and guess what – dead men (or women) tell no lies..

  3. Ailbhe

    Well said Andrew!

    As for Crewser…

    “How low will this woman descend into the gutter to try and blacken the name of our Taoiseach.”

    The dogs in the street know the truth by now. Bertie needs no help in blackening his name, he’s done it single handedly.

  4. Roy

    Maybe it’s true, maybe that’s where the £5000 came from…….it’s a possibility?

  5. Sarah Post author

    I considered that. But then I thought SO….he’s the Minister for Finance. He saves 50k in cash. The banks lends him 20k without any terms for repayment, his mates dig him out, a friend buys a house, gives him the money to furnish it and lets him live in it with an option to buy whenever he sorts himself out. Des Richardson gives him money when Bertie signs the FF cheque to pay Des for his services. AND HE TAKES 5K FROM THIS AGEING MOTHER? Shouldn’t he be giving her money? It’s BIZARRE.

    What’s more likely? He HAS to come up with explanations for random lodgments to his bank account? Dead people are handy for that…

  6. Ray

    Talk about swearing on your dead mother’s grave. I know Bertie already has a (deserved) reputation for a brass neck, but this deserves to enter the language, like GUBU.

  7. Caoimhin

    Wasn’t it Bertie’s brother who cried to the Press that he was glad his mother wasn’t around to see how Bertie was being treated? They are playing both sides of the pitch it seems.

  8. P O'Neill

    It’s not just that the tribunal has a knack for finding dead people. It seems to be actively bad for their health. Poor Joe Burke for instance. There’s a Spinal Tap drummer aspect to these people.

  9. Gordon Davies

    Crewser, if you had dealt with the comments people would not keep coming back to repeat them. You haven’t, because you can’t.

    There is no need to blacken Bartholomew Ahern’s reputation. He has done an excellent job himself. By now he has no reputation to defend. Read in his own words the evolving explanations of how he ammassed a small fortune (small compared to his mentor CJH) when his cronies believed he was in need of a dig out… at the very least he abused the trust of his drinking companions. Read the different versions and the name of FF’s present leader is tarnished forever!


  10. Sorcha

    Crewser: blah blah blah Bertie… blah Bertie blah blah

  11. The Crewser

    Gordon, might I remind you that despite all the trawling that the Mahon Tribunal has done not a single shred of evidence has emerged that Bertie Ahern has done anything illegal as a public representative, Minister or Taoiseach. I can appreciate the frustration that you and your left wing cronies are feeling but really you are flogging a dead horse here. The sooner you lot wise up to that and concentrate on putting together a few meaningful policies that might give you a fighting chance of getting into Government and implementing them. Personally I believe that it will be many a long day before the Irish electorate will entrust the running of this country to the likes of goody two shoes Kenny or Eamon Gilmore either.

  12. Rob Hickey

    You’re some cabbage Crewser.

    Where do you get this passion from?? What is your vested interest?

    Or are you just a ogra Fianna Fàiler getting a bit of practice in?

  13. Gordon Davies

    Not a good argument Crewser. Irish corruption laws are notoriously lax, having been inherited almost unchanged from the British. They should have been re-written long ago, but that would have gone against the interests of a party that has been in power for most of the existence of the state. In most European countries Bartholomew would have already been sent down for a host of offences. Commonly, a public representative must demonstrate that his only source of revenues are from his own professional activity. Taking money for personal enrichment from business men would almost inevitably lead to to being forced to quit public life.

    Far from flogging a dead horse, there are further revelations to come, not least on the tax issue. Bartholomew has been shown to be an unreliable and uncooperative witness, someone who abused the confidence of his so-called friends, has used money given to the party for his own benefit, and nominated cronies to important and lucrative offices. We previously knew that he was a willing accomplice in CJH’s multiple cons, including using public money for private expenditure.. That he has not yet been convicted is more a sad commentary on the inadequacy of Irish Law than a validation of Ahern’s honesty.

    Unfortunately, over the last 40 years or so, when most First World countries have been updating and reinforcing their legal structures to put an end to corrupt and dishonest practices in business and politics, Irish public life has been dominated by individuals who would have been the first up before the judges if more modern legislation had been introduced.


  14. Tom Cosgrave

    Be grateful that we have someone of such calibre to lead us.

    And indeed, we should be grateful that we have you, Senator Harris, in the Seanad, continuing his good work.

  15. Gordon Davies

    Technicaly FF got a mandate to seek coalition partners in order to arrempt to find a majority in the Dail. They did not get a majority, indeed a majority of voters chose not to have Bartholomew as their leader.


  16. Tom N

    Crewser’s comments are always welcome as they show how illogical FF thinking really is. Keep it coming. We (the normal folks) love it.

  17. Tom N

    I just had my moment of clarity. I can’t see why it took me so long. Crewser must be a Fine Gael supporter. Why else would she like so many ridiculous statements to be attributed to FF? The only possible solution is to make FF look bad.

    Back to the main point though. Shame of Ahern for using the mother excuse. He has a history of lying. There is no reason to believe him now. Shame on all who support him.

  18. The Crewser

    If you dont know at this stage you are probably on the wrong blog site.

  19. Gordon Davies


    Thank you for agreeing with me. FF and Bartholomew did not obtain an electoral majority. The electorat did not give FF and Barholomew a mandate to govern, merely a mandate to negotiate with other parties and individuals to attempt to find a majority in the Dail. By fair means or foul, they cobled together an oxymoronic coalition (in which the Greens (proudly displaying their conservative conservationsism) cohabit with the walking ecological disaster from Kerry!).

    The fact is that the majority voted against FF.


    PS To return to the origin of this thread – the debate would be closed if Bartholomew “Forkedtounge” would give a convincing axplanation of the cheques provenance. The real story here is that it is by now totally credible that despite his wealth, Ahern would be willing to take money from his ageing mother.

  20. B

    Poor Bertie. Lets have a whipround for a big statue where Queen Victoria was and a big party on the Late Late Show and make a petition to fast track his sainthood.

  21. The Crewser

    So professional of you to delete selected comments. Perhaps you are taking a lead from from Gavin and Anthony Sheridan. You would have been better advised to delete the entire thread as its origin was entirely dubious as I pointed out at the outset.

  22. Andrew Lawlor

    Jesus, Sarah. Once, just once, I agreed with Crewser. In fact I am the only one who has agreed with him at this site for months now. And you had to go and delete it! Not only that, you had to go and delete the bit where he says that I’m a nice guy! It’s enough to make me start buying the Sindo again! Oh, hang on, that gobshite Harris is still writing for them, isn’t he? On second thoughts, maybe not.

  23. The Crewser

    I will say it again Andrew, you are a fair man, despite any indications to the contrary which may have appeared in my pieces on this site.
    Im not quite sure why Sarah resorted to the Sheridan Brothers tactics on this particular occasion, it may have been something to do with her indefensible misattributation in respect of the Sunday Tribune story or perhaps it was my irrevereance towards Enda Kenny (goody two shoes). I expect you learn that type of thing in the newspaper trade. Lets not be too judgemental.
    Speaking of the Sheridans I see their pal Harry McGee has taken a demotion to join the political staff of the Irish Times. Perhaps he will have better access to info from the Tribunal mole now that he has linked up with Geraldine Kennedy.

  24. Andrew Lawlor

    ‘Andrew, you are a fair man, despite any indications to the contrary which may have appeared in my pieces on this site.’

    Crewser, at the risk of being pythonesque…..’HE SAID IT AGAIN! YOU’RE ONLY MAKING IT WORSE FOR YOURSELF!’

    Every night before bed I read those words. Then I close my eyes and imagine the great man, Bertie, sayin’ dem his self. Ah jaysus, isn’t it only bleedin’ fablus. Smokes n daggers me arse.

    Sarah, what about Sunday’s column? Do we absolutely have to buy the ST. Some of us have busy lives and don’t have three days allotted to reading the Sunday papers.

  25. The Crewser

    And you might have noticed in those same papers Andrew that when Bertie was miles ahead in the popularity stakes with Enda trailing in his wake, it was never a story or it was relegated to an obscure spot. Now when Enda is on roughly the same mark as Bertie its big news.Funny that. It might tell you something about the partisan nature of those papers.
    You are right again Andrew, they are a waste of time. Some man.

  26. Gavin

    No, Ahern was wrong to take the gift from businessmen. He should resign simply over that.

  27. The Crewser

    No he should not resign. Neither you nor the Mahon Tribunal has come up with a single shed of evidence that Bertie Ahern did anything illegal as a TD as a Minister or as Taoiseach. If you can produce any evidence that he did then put it on the table.

  28. Andrew Lawlor

    Gavin, don’t take this as an expression of support for Bertie, but I have been wondering what the hell Enda and Eamonn and co will do with all of their spare time if Bertie does resign.

    Gilmore was on Morning Ireland this morning bemoaning the fact that we don’t have an effective government at the moment because the majority of ministers are spending all of their time defending Bertie.

    However, do we have an effective opposition if they spend all of their time attacking one member of the government?

  29. The Crewser

    A fair point Andrew. And it was interesting in the Dail last evening listening to Enda bemoaning the fact that house prices were dropping at the rate of 1400 Euro per Month. Is that the same Enda Kenny who was complaining about house prices being too high for first time buyers in the run up to the General Election. Surely not.

  30. Tom N

    But we haven’t had an effective government for years…keep they away from as many things as possible.

  31. Bock the Robber

    Does Crewser comment on other sites, or just here? I’ve never noticed him anywhere else, which is a bit unusual. Normally, you’d come across the same commenters on a few different blogs, but Crewser seems to be a particularly faithful troll, bless him.

  32. The Crewser

    I certainly would not be bothered with your particular site Bock as you appear to specialise in the most base form of vulgarity. As for debate and polarisation, I think I can safely say that unless you are pro Enda Kenny or Eamon Gilmore your views are not particularly welcome but I think that in the interests of balanced debate all views should be taken on board. I think the front page of todays Indo is evidence enough of the need to analyse stories which are spun out by FG to do damage to others.Such efforst will not go un-noticed by the Irish electorate.

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