By | December 14, 2007

I woke up at 4am in a sweat (related to back pain – a temporary affliction) and remembered that someone wanted to know where the reindeer are.

The female deer, sans antlers, are always west of the papal cross – down at the Farmleigh end. The males, ie the guys you want :-) are always east of the papal cross – usually near the football grounds.

The lads only cross the road to visit the females in October for mating. Hang around for 3 weeks and then regroup.

We all agreed this was an eminently sensible way of ordering the world :-)

3 thoughts on “Reindeer

  1. Tomaltach

    Personally I’d like to cross the road a bit more often than that. But this reminds me of the intercert story on the Irish syllabus (many moons ago) called Bullaí Mháirtín. Anyway, it was set in the ‘country’ in the 50s I think and you had the men and women meeting in a dance hall and both used to line up at opposite sides of the hall. Bullaí himself wasn’t a great man to score. He was more into starting fights. He coulda done with a pair of antlers.

  2. Padraig O'Morain

    What’s needed is an outreach project to help the males to learn some parenting skills and a resource centre where the females could relax, drink tea and do personal development courses. Perhaps the Tea Rooms could be adapted for this purpose. All could have outings to the Zoo and the Deer of the Year could get to meet the president. I think they should also be encouraged to wander through Castleknock to broaden their horizons. Also, Christmas ads which anybody anywhere seeking cheap publicity could construe as demeaning to reindeer (like the Meteor granny ad and Age Action Ireland) should be WITHDRAWN.” If necessary, an Ombudsdeer could be appointed for this purpose.

  3. donkykemore

    And the one who lived in the big house was called big bird, later to be replaced by a builder of bridges , and neither of them have horns- sorrry antlers either

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