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I’m not sure what to do or say about this. The news was sad. She seemed like a nice girl, but she made mistakes and has paid, and her family has paid, an enormous price for them. Let’s not be too hard.

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  1. The Crewser

    So Cath joins the debate at the 11th hour with her little gem of wisdom. I think you’ll find Cath that my reference to drugs and driving was in response to Niall’s earlier gem which implied that those taking drugs would not in any way contribute to road accidents. The facts speak for themselves Cath but perhaps you are another of those apolgists who would say that the recent deaths from cocaine use were merely due to the fact that some “bad cocaine” was circulating in society. Can anyone be that stupid. As for Paul well at least he can say he was the 100th contributor to this thread. Apart from that he decided to sit on the fence and didn’t contribute anything meaningful to the debate.

  2. Paul Newton

    If you have a little scroll back CrewserI think you’ll find I advocated education and media responsibility as starting points , it’s not as exciting as your “off with their goolies” philosophy and not as cool as Niall’s “chill out man” stance, but there you are, and being accused as a fence sitter amid the knee jerk over reactors does not really bother me.

    I speak for a little perspective on these issues, I believe there are far more pressing issues in Ireland today than either Katy or the cocaine “pandemic”

    I think we’ve abandoned our values of community, freedom, idealism, caring for our sick and less well off, supporting each other, and fostering our next generations. Things that had a little substance.

    We’ve replaced it with style, spin, celebrity, instant gratification, crassness, vulgarity, pride and avarice.

    This has produced an emptiness which people fill with whatever Johnny Druggie has on him of a friday evening.

    The cocaine is not a cause, it’s a symptom.

    Now Happy feckin Christmas.

  3. donkykemore

    Fighting for peace , they say , is like fucking for chastity; and all of this about drug taking and accidents and death become absurd in both the piety and in avante garde camps . It has become a silly game of trumping one another.
    The choice to take your own life is your alone; ants , rats (lemmings)and men are the only species who participate in willful suicide .The person /animal is the arbiter of his destiny.
    This does translate in to any any presumption that a drug taker can take another on his determined course should he chose to take his life or take it knowingly to the brink as does the drunken or drugged motorist.
    The idea that a drug taker presumes on the services of a society ( A& E units – ICU beds )having possibly endangered another person’s life in the process preceding his going on a life support system is a selfishness beyond expression. And that is exactly what Ms French RIP did and it is also why I feel her autopsy should be studied rather than her memory eulogized.

  4. The Crewser

    Not one of the pro illicit drugs lobby who have contributed to this thread have come up with a single reason why taking cocaine is beneficial for human beings. I presume, because they are such lovers of freedom that they would find nothing wrong with children taking drugs also and glue sniffing is presumably acceptable as well.

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