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By | December 3, 2007

Well the News at One was great fun. It kicked off with Bertie telling Charlie Bird that Des Richardson’s method of providing false invoices to NCB to collect the money (which, lets face it, was just money laundering) was wrong and that he didn’t know anything about it. Richardson went about collecting the money and Bertie just spent it.

Isn’t that very similar to Charlie Haughey’s defence? Des Traynor collected the money and sure Charlie didn’t know what was happening? Of course, Traynor was dead and Richardson is still very much alive and if he gets a sniff of being dumped on by Ahern perhaps he’ll have to something to say about it…

Then Senator Eoghan Harris came on to tell us the whole thing is being made up by the Daily Mail, the Tribunal should be shut down and Bertie Ahern is one of Ireland’s greatest Taoisigh!! Hurrah!

As I’ve said before. Fine! shut down the Tribunals, and let the Rev move in. They’d have great crack checking up on Richardson’s companies as well as Ahern’s.

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  1. John mcDermott

    Quiz:whats the difference between Des Traynor and Des Richardson?
    Answer;One was hung out to dry after he had passed on- the other, while he was in the land of the living.!
    For Bart Ahern to pose as the anti “one armed bandit” saviour of the nation, is rich given that thousands of concerned citizens and dozens of councillors around the country failed to rally support, and effectual action, among prominent politicians to stamp out the flagrant abuse of weak gaming laws that existed at that time. Numerous get rich quick merchants from all walks of live grew very rich from this racketeering-not least among them the now multi-millionaire,Isle of Man based, Jim Kennedy of the “Carrickmines rezoning scandal” fame.
    I have intimate knowledge of the one armed bandit phenomenon which destroyed the lives of countless poor people in the eighties.There was no will to deal with this problem in the Fianna Fail Cabinet.. One ex garda became a very wealthy man operating a “casino” in the Dublin 7 area, at the time that OConnell street and the surrounding environs had been turned into a mini Las Vegas.
    Many of those who grew rich were Fianna Fail supporters-just as many of those who have enriched themselves in such activities as illegal dumping, in recent Ahern was a guest at the opening of one such individuals new hotel in Kerry, but later distanced himself from this scoundrel.

  2. The Crewser

    Now that the Albert Reynolds trail has gone cold you lot have to find some more victims. You might just take a look at the Mahon Tribunals star witness for a change. But of course you lot are not remotely interested in the truth, such trying to make some political capital out of any straw that might be flying in the wind. Much like Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore in Dail Eireann. Formulating some new policies would be a good plan for them to kick off with.

  3. A Nonimus

    In fairness the Daily Mail has been like a hysterical woman on speed for the last few days. They’re determined to bag themselves a taoiseach (after failing to bag themselves Minister Martin Cullen). All their “news” reports are now screeching progaganda pieces – any pretence at objectivity, fairness, balance or even plain old reportage has gone right out the window. The Irish Indo isn’t much better – it has totally overplayed this casino non-story. (Are they trying to suggest Bertie took a bribe to back a casino and then didn’t back the casino? Cos if he did, wouldn’t you think Norman Turner would be acting like Tom Gilmartin).

    Not that Bertie doesn’t have questions to answer…..but they’re the ones being posed by the tribunal in a reasoned setting where he has a fair chance to respond, and not the ones by the Daily Mail, which clearly has been told by audience research surveys that putting Bertie on the front page boosts sales.

  4. Rob Hickey

    Why should they bother thinking up new policies Crewser? You’re obviously not interested and won’t be swayed either way. Why bother making the suggestion?

    Taoiseach Ahern is a crook – clear as day – as is the whole stinking Fianna Fail junket. Anyone who can turn a blind eye to all the sleaze and attempt to turn things on their head by accusing the OPPOSITION of trying to gain “political capital” is not worth listening to. There are, no doubt, decent and honourable members of that party, but it demeans them that they find it necessary to join up with “the crew” to get elected.

    When was the last time an election in Ireland was won by what “policy” a political party had anyway???

    You’ve never voted for anyone other than FF have you Crewser? Admit it!

    Grow up Crewser and learn to use your brain, backing “poor Bertie” makes you as bad as the rest.

  5. Sarah Post author

    Anonimus is right. There’s nothing in the casino story BUT BUT you know what? All this money floating around, the 50k, the loan, the dig-out, the false almost doesn’t matter about the casino, the Bahamas or anything else. The guy’s finances were a mess, money was being laundered and the tax liability issue has yet to be sorted. It’s a joke.

  6. John mcDermott

    Its no joke that the decent people of Ireland who abhorr this Mafia are clearly in a minority-otherwise the whole nest of thieves would be gone from office.

  7. The Crewser

    Piss off yourself Rachel. You attitude is typical of the lynch mob mentality which has grown around the discredited Mahon Tribunal. Even if you have nothing constructive to say, say something nasty anyway.
    The Albert Reynolds story turned out to be a complete fabrication but there are still a few diehards out there trying to give it legs. And yes John Mc Dermott, thankfully you are in a minority in this Country. Long may it stay so.

  8. The Crewser

    And let me tell you that the Casino affair is yet another cock and bull story. But the wealthy residents of Castleknock are sorely regretting that they did not opt for the Casino instead of the high density apartment blocks they are now getting. It was the one and only Joan Burton who was leading the charge against the Casino if memory serves. Lots of social and affordable apartments next to Deerpark and Chersterfield. Might suit Gordon Davies and co. of course. Its funny how things come back to bite you on the arse if you are an opposition politician in this Country.

  9. The Crewser

    This is completely dedicated to one Rob Hickey as I feel he needs to hear a few home truths. Firstly the reason the opposition need to come up with a few policies is that, that is the essence of democracy. You of course may not be a democrat atal, some other contributors to this blog are anarchists. Secondly whether I would upon evaluation of those policies ever vote for those proposing them is neither here nor there.
    You are such a deeply entrenched anti FF individual that it is the height of hypocrisy on your part to criticise somebody else for not sharing your views.
    The election in May of this year was a free and open affair where people had a chance to vote on both policies and politicians. They most definitely gave the thumbs down to the parties to whom you obviously give your allegiance.
    Do us all a favour and take it on the chin and get over it. You are the one who needs to engage that brain of yours and stop the pathetic child like whinging.

  10. Luke

    Crewser, you are a muppet and a clown. And your pal Bertie’s days are numbered. How’s that for constructive.

  11. Luke

    BTW Crewser, the last time I checked FF/PD lost their majority at the election…

  12. The Crewser

    No Luke you and your ilk are the muppets. FF are now in the comfort zone and so is Bertie. Returned by Dail Eireann for an unprecedented 3rd term. Bertie is also in the comfort zone, it is Kenny and Gilmore who must show that they have the balls for the job. So far they have failed miserably. And Luke if you take a look at the post General Election picture I think you will find that Bertie was within striking distance of the overall majority.

  13. Rob Hickey

    Well I have to say, I am absolutley thrilled to have gotten up your nose Crewser – many have tried and failed on this blog before.

    I know plenty of people like you, the ones that refuse to look at anything else, the ones that refuse to consider anything other than that “Republican Party” mafia. There is something ingrained deep in the psyche that blocks any inclination to even criticise them. Is it because your Granddad was an irregular in the 20’s? Or did your mother get a bus pass from Charlie?

    They are everything to everyone, but in fact offer nothing but “jobs for the boys”.

    In any other democratic country in the world, this bunch would have been kicked out a long time ago but its typically Irish and typically tragic that they still have, and no doubt will continue to have, the majority of public support.

    And why? Health? Transport? The Economy? Give me a break…

    Crewser, I’m not trying to change your mind, nothing will, your brain is pointed in one direction, no policy from opposition will convince you to vote another way – not even if they gave you a seat in Seanad beside Eoghan Harris.

    I asked you to “learn to use your brain” so that you might “think” before you vote, instead of automatically jumping to Lord Bertie’s defence. Maybe the criticisms are fair? We weren’t all in Ogra Fianna Fail

  14. The Crewser

    Your a dreamer Rob. Today is Budget day. Perhaps you are old enough to remember John Bruton putting the tax on kiddies shoes. Perhaps your memory is selective like Sarah and the others. Funny thing that, we have not had Fine Gael and Labour in Government very much in Government since that fateful day.
    As for getting up my nose Rob, foget it, I have been dealing with the likes of you for far too long now to allow that to happen. Dream on.

  15. Rob Hickey

    OK so. My point proven. You’re a lap dog unable to think for yourself.

    Why aren’t you in Buswells to give king-in-waiting Cowen his first pat on the back?

  16. The Crewser

    And you are undeniably muppet of the year. Take a bow Rob.

  17. Rob Hickey

    A dreamer and a muppet – you can just hear Bertie saying it.


  18. The Crewser

    Any reference to John Bruton and Budgets usually puts Fine Gaelers and their fellow travellers into a tailspin. Hope I haven’t put you off your afternoon Brandy.

  19. Rob Hickey

    Crewser – I’m no Fine Gaeler, they are one step away from you lot so don’t be putting people into boxes.

    I’m not tied down to any one so I’m free to think for myself.

    You on the other hand….

  20. Sarah Post author

    Walk away Rob, walk away from the keyboard. Crewser is a troll and you are feeding him….

  21. The Crewser

    Rob, you appear ideally suited for the “fellow traveller” category then. As for thinking for yourself there is clearly a requirement for some revisionism.

  22. Tom Cosgrave

    Given their lapdog-like behaviour is so similar, I can only assume that Crewser is in fact Eoghan Harris himself – it is highly, highly entertaining stuff. Keep it up Eoghan / Crewser. All that Bruton bashing is sour grapes, isn’t it Eoghan / Crewser?

    (Queue rant about how I’m on the bushpole telegraph, a Bunbury type, a reference to Gavin and Anthony Sheridan. Or am I just bullying you again?)

  23. Andrew Lawlor

    And to think The Crewser had the cheek to call me a Bunbury!

    I’ve been fairly sure of his identity for some time now, and if I’m right, Rob, he’s only a Johnny come lately Fianna Failer who has been alligned to more parties than Martin Cullen.

    I can’t speak for any of the other contributors to this page, but the name at the top of my comments is my own. I’m not sniping from behind the bushes like The Crewser. So, how about it Crewser, take off the mask. Show your true colours. Be man enough to stand behind your cowardly mud slinging.

    No, don’t bother Crewser. I can see your fingers reaching for the keyboard already. I’ll answer for you.

    ‘No chance, Mr. Bunbury’

  24. The Crewser

    Good to see that Tom and Andrew are still about on Budget day. And good to see that they have nothing bad to say about Brian Cowen’s budget. Just the usual cheap shots that you come to expect from those two gentlemen. I’d say both remember John Bruton as Finance Minister and long for those halcyon days when we had FG led Governments in this Country. Well gentlemen I have bad news for you. The Irish people have put an end to all that and now all you guys are left with are distant memories.

  25. Andrew Lawlor

    Your research seems to be a little lacking and your assessment of my political hue is way off the mark. In case you missed my recent comments on the state of the Irish nation let me point you at

    For now let me quote you from that piece

    ‘This is Ireland 2007. We don’t give a shit if people without private health insurance die unnecessarily of cancer or whatever.

    Do I care?

    I’ve got Bupa. A nice house, nice car, two wide screen TVs.

    I’m doin’ okay.

    Are you?

    Are we?’

    Yesterday’s budget was a delivery on Fianna Fail election promises. By not increasing levels of personal taxation Cowen ensures thet everybody gets to keep their new found wealth in their own pockets. However, it places the responsibility on the citizen to make provision for their own welfare should they or some of their family become ill or unemployed. This is the Ireland Fianna fail promised, we as a nation said yes to that, and they have duly delivered.

    Just remember, Crewser, if you are planning to get old in the new Ireland, do not even consider combining old age with poverty and ill health. In the new Ireland that is a lethal combination.

  26. Tom Cosgrave

    Good to see that Tom and Andrew are still about on Budget day.

    Andrew has spoken for himself at this stage, but as for me, where did I refer to the Budget, Crewser aka Eoghan Harris?

    I’d say both remember John Bruton as Finance Minister and long for those halcyon days when we had FG led Governments in this Country.

    I was a small child when Bruton was Finance Minister, Crewser aka Eoghan Harris? I practically grew up with Fianna Fáíl in government, save for that FG/Labour/DL stint in the mid 90’s. Shame it’s been so poor in terms of national development – and we a boometime economy!

    The one comment I shall make about the 2008 budget is this –

    FG / Labour budget proposals for non-first time buyers, April 2007.
    The first €100,000 price of a house will be exempt from stamp duty, 5 per cent on the next €350,000 and 9 per cent on the balance.

    FF Budget for non-first time buyers, December 2007.
    The first €125,000 price of a house will be exempt from stamp duty, while a 7 per cent charge will be levied on the next €875,000, and 9 per cent on the portion above €1 million.

    Cowen is taking his lead from FG and Labour in April, while being a little bit more generous – but at the time FG and Labour came out with their proposals he slammed them as “daft” and said they’d destabilise the market! But anyway, it’s good to see him taking the lead from more responsible economic politics now.

    You must be thrilled, Crewser / Eoghan Harris, all that sniping from your weekend employer has been heeded!

  27. John mcDermott

    Gilmore was more entertaining than Cowan´s boring budget.
    Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has admitted to him, that action needs to be taken to deal with the situation in which some 36,000 people are said to be evading bench warrants for their arrest. Labour party leader Eamon Gilmore said the figure of 36,000 had been obtained from the garda computer system on November 25. He added that there were 111,453 outstanding warrants in total, which was “equivalent to the population of a large five seat constituency”. GUBU? Surreal? All that and more. if you get mugged in OConnell Street tonight Crewser,dont bother calling the police. He is probably well known to them!! Just join the queue at A&E and keep quiet..!

    I was in the Joy a few months ago and wrote a piece on the “inside story” (and the outside one that Gilmore highlighted!)

  28. The Crewser

    John McDermott, I think youll find that by common consent most objective analysts have agreed that it was an excellent budget. But you are not objective are you. As for your snide comments they do not warrant any comment.I’m surprised though that you did not give Gilmores old pal Joe Duffy a call when you were in the Joy.

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