Most ridiculous letter ever

By | October 4, 2007

in the IT today. This is hilarious.

From Grainne Lawlor in Thornton, Dublin (site of the proposed prison?)

Madam, – I would like to draw your readers’ attention to what I consider to be a serious lapse in standards by RTÉ, which has also been echoed in some press reportage.

I strongly object to the demeaning mimicry of the evidence of Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern in coverage of the tribunal. The manner in which an actor takes off Mr Ahern’s homely north Dublin accent and phraseology is in marked contrast to the upper-crust – almost “Home Counties” – tones of the learned counsel probing him for details of transactions that took place 14 years ago. The Salem-like mood generated by this style of reporting perhaps conceals a snobbish “better school, better address” contempt for a grassroots Dublin Taoiseach.

Hello? RTE is forced to reinact the Tribunal because it’s prohibited from broadcasting them. This has been taking place for 10 years to general acclaim. Bertie has a Dublin accent which is not only legitimate and authentic but has actually been to his advantage by establishing his “ordinary man” credentials. And she doesn’t think its fair that the actor imitates it????? And those meany barristers have posh accents?? It’s just not fair!!!!! It makes him sound bad!! Stoppit stoppit stoppit!

Maybe it sounds bad because HE sounds bad!!

The recreations have been a fantastic way for people to get a real sense of what’s going on. Personally I think they should be filmed or at least on radio, but they are not (which suits most of the witnesses, Albert Reynold for starters), so this is what we’ve got. And Grainne is outraged because the barrister sounds posh and Bertie sounds homely. What she obviously means is that Bertie sounds evasive, dodgy and utterly pathetic and it mustn’t be pleasant for his supporters to hear him thus demeaned. No handy soundbite comments on his way into or out of a function like most of his appearances on telly or radio.

Love, if you don’t like this accent, deal with it. And if you don’t like the barrister’s, well, what? Mandatory deep immersion in west Dublin?

She goes on:

“Looking back over Mr Ahern’s career – not least his massive contribution to industrial peace and unprecedented economic development and his tireless and successful work for a historic Northern settlement – should put things in a proper perspective.”

Gee, almost sounds like the Crewser!!! Know her, do you??

18 thoughts on “Most ridiculous letter ever

  1. Graham

    The thing that bugs me most, even more than the fact that Bertie is a liar and is trying to talk (or rather not) his way out of the trouble he should be in and the fact that most of the public don’t seem to care. More than all of that, I hate those people coming forward and lamenting the wonderful work the Taoiseach has done over the years, saving us from the Brits, bringing an end to the famine, singlehandedly bringing peace to the north. I don’t care what he has or hasn’t done in his career because all of that, every single thing he has done for the good of the country, is tainted by the dealings that he did with his ‘friends’ involving what were then very large sums of money.
    Worse than the dealings are his barefaced lies though. To claim that he can’t remember events involving such large sums of money are just ludicrous. He must think the public are stupid. But then again, so many of them are of a similar opinon to the author of that letter, so I guess he was right.

    If this were Japan and/or Bertie had any honor, he would have resigned long by now.

  2. JL Pagano

    Best thing for RTE to do was to get the guy who does Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’s voice to do Bertie next time : “Oi think the lodgement was tow-tally in sterling, roysh?”

  3. Tom N

    Obviously a FF plant. Ahern commands from these underlings much in the same way that Haughey did. These people seek a leader, someone to direct them and tell them what to do and think so they need not engage in independent thought. Haughey laughed at them and Ahern is doing the same.

    But as regards it being the most ridiculous letter ever, there was one in Metro Ireland on Wednesday morning of this week claiming that Canada was not in North America.

    If you had a choice between the two, I still think this pro-Bertie rant is more ridiculous though.

  4. Crocodile

    The authentic FF note of inverse snobbery. The other evening on Newstalk one of the new FF Td’s was accusing Leo Varadkar of being, well, educated. Leo was using college-boy big words, you see, and being ‘smart’ – not in the acceptable FF way (native cunning) but the unacceptable opposition way ( university degrees, speaking in complete sentences).

  5. Tom N

    Croc, that is so true. They don’t like clever people, much like Pol Pot. They also don’t like anyone questioning their leader. Canvassing outside Mass in Glasnevin during the last election, there was a bt of banter between myself and one of Ahern’s goons. After losing the battle of wits, he got frustrated and retorted with “I suppose you went to Trinity, did ya?” jibe at me. We fell about the place laughing!

  6. Sarah Post author

    sign. Crewser. Who the f*ck is Anne Devitt? A political nobody. Sometimes attack is the best form of defence. But sometimes it just looks like defeat.

  7. The Crewser

    She would not be a political nobody Sarah if she was in FF. Getting a little tetchy are we. I do not know the woman but I understand that she is a key figure in the Fingal area of Dublin. Such a key figure in fact that she could not be subjected to any form of discipline in the run up to the General Election.
    If this is the type of honesty and integrity we can expect from Enda Kenny and Leo Varadakar and Co in opposition then what can we expect from them in Government, if they were ever to get there.
    But thankfully today’s papers carry very good news for the Taoiseach.People are on to Enda Kenny and they still would not allow him run the country.
    Just as at the time of Kennedygate people power in action.

  8. Tom N

    Think Crewser’s posts might be this letter, but it would be closely run.

  9. John of Dublin

    I hear what you are saying Sarah and largely agree. However, I do get a feeling of a touch of entertaining burlesque about the Bertie Ahern recreation. Fun if you don’t agree much with Bertie, cruel if you are an ardent fan I suppose.

  10. The Crewser

    Sarah, I think even you would agree that freedom of speech is essential in a democracy. But democracy hasn’t been kind to FG / Labour in recent times.
    I get the feeling a bit of panic is setting in.

  11. Sarah Post author

    no crewser, just despair. Anne Devitt is a political irrelevance. Ahern in the Taoiseach and Minister for Finance when he was taking tens of thousands from his mates. Comparing the two is just silly and desperate and makes you look even worse than you already do.

  12. The Crewser

    No Sarah its you who looks silly now by refusing to face up to the fact that Enda Kenny was quite happy to put electoral gain before integrity and honesty. He is the one who is constantly bleating on about these qualities but when it comes to the crunch he is found wanting himself.

  13. Tom N

    It’s a weird phenomenom but the more the Crewser protests, the more she validates the original point made about the letter. There is a quasi religious devotion to her leader no matter how obvious the facts are.

    So I think we should all follow her lead. Leave Bertie alone. So what if he is corrupt. He’s our leader. We voted for him. Don’t get the facts out in the open before the election, or at any stage. He has a God given right to be Taoiseach. Feck all you well read intelligent people. We don’t need your type. The country was fine when we were all ignorant of corruption.

  14. The Crewser

    Tom N you really are losing it now. I’m worried

  15. The Crewser

    And Graham might I remind you that the facts were out before the election, thanks to Geraldine Kennedy and the Tribunal mole (whose actions you condone it seems to me) Yet the very sophisticated Irish electorate were wise enough to put Bertie back as Taoiseach because they had seen his record in Government. Tireless committment to peace and prosperity for the Irish people North and South. I suppose in one respect we should say thanks to Geraldine and The Times for their help.

  16. Gordon Davies

    1. WE didn’t vote for Bartholemew Ahern. Only a minority did.

    2. The “success” of the Devious One’s action in the North is a recurring theme in FF propoganda. I would agree that he posessed certain qualities that made him an excellent negociator.
    Firstly Bartholemew has no known political opinions or objectives other than the maintaining the “Builder’s Party” in Government. Having no political agenda was certainly an advantage when face to face with both the Northern Ireland politicians and the British.
    Secondly, his intimate knowledge of the day to day running of a corrupt organisation operating on the margins of both the law and of democratic principles made him ideally suited to dealing with the politico-terrorist confederations on both sides of the confluct in Ulster and with the arcane and ambiguous structures of British rule in the North.

    In other words it was because Bartholemew Ahern was and is a crook that he was able to work so well with other crooks.


  17. The Crewser

    Welcome back Gordon. I was hoping you might have some comment to make about Enda Kenny’s honesty and integrity in the light of his failure to take any action in respect of Anne Devitt’s 20 Grand. Also the little matter of the shredding of financial records and a Telenor document which were required by the Moriarty Tribunal. But instead you are back with your old mantra.
    No one could ever expect that you or most of the contributors to this site would ever vote for Fianna Fail or Bertie Ahern for that matter. You sound like you want people to think of you as an objective observer but thats a bit crazy Gordon given the type of stuff you have been putting up here and in other locations over the years.

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