Happy New Year

By | January 1, 2007

Well that was all a bit of a disaster. I have a terrible chest infection, raging temperature, am puking the antibiotics and unless someone wants to send a housekeeper, nanny and nurse to this house, I can forget about the required bedrest. Lunch might be for wimps but sickness is for single people. Or men.
Things can only get better this year.

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Dan Sullivan

    Hope you feel better soon, you’re the third person I’ve heard of that came down with something over the Crimbo. There is most definitely a ‘bug doing the rounds’. Oddly though the people were in Mayo, Limerick and now yourself in Meath or Belfast.

  2. Justin

    oh I can sympathise — I spent xmas eve puking profusely with that bloody vomiting bug :(

    One good thing: it was gone by xmas day.

  3. brian t

    Oh yeah – men are such big babies, aren’t they? I’m not a hypochondriac … unless I’m actually ill, so there! Get well soon…

  4. Sarah Post author

    ooh didn’t have the vomiting bug..I dread that…yuck.
    Well how about a big hug to all the ill people out there. Our resolution is to be well in 2007. Bring on the multivitamins. I think I’ve worked out how to take that wretched augmentin without wanting to die.
    1. Take a motillium about 2 hours after a meal.
    2. 30mins-1hour later take augmentin
    3. 1hour later eat light meal.
    4. sit down for a while.

    No pukes so far today. Just head and ears buzzing. Oh and vile cough of course.

  5. UnaRocks

    Yup, I spent the festive season puking along with half of my family (sometimes in unison). Still not quite right. The whole thing was like a queasy version of Outbreak (minus monkeys).

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