Sunday Times Rich List

By | December 21, 2006

Mark your diaries!

A countdown style documentary on the Irish Rich List will feature on RTE 1 telly at 9.30pm on Dec 27th. (Day after Steeeeeven’s’s’s Day. Yours truly will feature as an “authority” on:

– My hero Denis 😉
– Tony O’Reilly
– Edward Haughey
– Dermot Desmond
– U2
and some others I don’t quite remember.

I did a long interview. Not sure what they’ll include but hopefully my entire contribution doesn’t get edited out :-)

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Times Rich List

  1. paul

    Sarah — look forward to seeing it.

    Happy Christmas!!


  2. auds

    well, you’re featured on the ad for it, so you must have said something of worth!

  3. Sarah Post author

    cool!! Haven’t seen it. Am inordinantly thrilled. Happy Christmas Auds!

  4. Stephen Neill

    Plenty of coverage Sarah – well impressed – and that’s only the hairdo! Comments quite sensible as well. 😉

    PS – Happy New Year in advance! (I have given up on Christmas having spent most of the post Christmas Day period either being nursed or nursing family through winter vomiting bug!)

  5. Sarah Post author

    Thanks Stephen and poor you! uuugh.
    As for those teeth. How utterly bizarre. They are bit f*cked up but those lights did something very strange to them in that show. I was appalled. They are really not that bad. Of course, a result of the irish public dental system which neglected me as a child, and my mother’s failure to foresee a career in broadcasting and fork out for the brace as a teenager. sigh.

  6. Paul

    WIth respect to your commentary Sarah, which was fine, By far the best of that list who stood out was Sean Quinn — Now there is at least a massively successful Irish Entrepreneur without the 2*999 Shite that comes with most of the rest of them.


  7. Sarah Post author

    yeah Quinn is something else. Built from scratch several businesses in different industries taking on massive competition. And no flash lifestyle or grandstanding. Of course, you don’t get to be that successful without the usual bit of ruthlessness, but I forgive that….

  8. Donny Brook

    mary jo ,
    “as long as you dont speak like a bogger” very interesting , so is everybody in the country supposed to don this false mid atlantic accent that all you guys have , i wonder ,
    some of the most powerful and richest people in ireland are from “the bog”

  9. Conor Lenihan

    I thought you looked a bit worn out, are you getting enough sleep? should be another 3- 6 years in that face yet, look after it. i recommed cold cum facials.

    happy new year

  10. Johnny K

    I was like so well connected over the crimbo. I was able to tell the in-laws that I worked with her and him (Eamonn Fallon).

    I thought they could have had a better presenter though, your man Doyle has bugged me ever since he said ‘we’ in reference to England on the BBC. It doesn’t bug me as much as the farts that accept those pseudo-knighthoods though.

  11. Sarah Post author

    So that Eamon is a Fallon? I had no idea.
    Sadly Conor I am not getting enough sleep. Perhaps the flush of youth will return if I get some more this year. I am not sure any remedy, even one has creative as you suggest, can ever compensate a complexion for lack of sleep. One day….or one night to be precise.
    Happy New Year to you.

  12. Angela

    How does any of what you are all saying relate to this forum? I had no idea that this was all about lack of sleep sarah? Try milk and`s very simple, no need for a big discussion. I really think we should be focusing on the importance of this website if we are going to bother coming on to it.

    Oh, I`m very sorry i didn`t read the other messages properly, please excuse my poor manors and ignorance. By the way milk really helps you sleep!

    Have a nice one! Angie

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