4 thoughts on “Ahern (2)

  1. JC Skinner

    It clearly was in the upper echelons of Fianna Fail. My question is simple – why haven’t the CAB gone after the Haughey estate? Clearly it cannot be demonstrated that the man, living at 171 times his income, was legitimately able to purchase Gandon houses and private islands. So what’s stopping the CAB taking them?
    And why does the taxpayer, ie me and you, have to pay the legal bills for the old codger’s years of obfuscating and lying in front of the tribunal anyway?
    They should take that €20 million out of his estate.

  2. Sarah Post author

    sure it doesn’t even need CAB. What about the Revenue? They could’ve done this years ago without any Tribunal.

  3. Gordon DAVIES

    I think the Revenue have already settled with Haughey – some 5 million. This was why he sold the estate…


  4. JC Skinner

    As Gordon said, the Haughey estate was outrageously let off the hook by Revenue. So it’s time to send CAB after the house and island.

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