Insulation Break through x 2

By | November 22, 2006

Alright, so I’ve turned into my father and I seek out drafts relentlessly.

1. Installation of roller blind (good blackout quality) on kitchen window. Its white and discreet so does not wreck nice window. And wow!!
2. Put draft excluder under front door. Well rolled up blanket. Proper draft excluder to be acquired. But UNBELIEVABLE difference. There was a gale force wind coming under that door.

By christmas I’ll have this house sealed. And we’ll die from oxygen deprivation or something.

4 thoughts on “Insulation Break through x 2

  1. pete

    I was under the impression that you lived in a fairly modern house that you had built on some land aquired from your father? Anything built in the last 25 years should not have drafts!

  2. Daniel Sullivan

    My mom made our draft excluders from old bigts of material she had left over from making clothes or as we called them ‘the sausages’. We had big fat square ones about 6/8 inches high, and then some snakey ones for the interiors doors. People who were visiting would give us a second look when after coming into the living, mom would ask one of us to throw the sausage against the door. you wee fellas will give them names and everything.

  3. John of Dublin

    My mother used to call the draft coming in under the door “stepmother’s breath”! I assume it was one of her many unique Derry expressions.

  4. Sarah Post author

    my mother arrived with the draft excluder she made. Its great. Also, she locked the chubb on the front door. So that’s made a big difference too. We’re sweatin’ 😉

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