Domestic update

By | November 1, 2005

First: a triumph. I want to formally acknowledge the brilliance of using washing soda as a stain remover. Previously I used it solely to clean out drains: pack into the bath or shower drain, pour on boiling water or for impressively explosive results, boiling vinegar, and hey presto, clean drains. BUT, recently started to use it for those nasty tomato type stains that NEVER come out. Just soak item in water with washing soda, and wash as normal. Perfect results. AND you don’t have to use those incredibly expensive products like Vanish. Washing soda is about €1.50 per litre and Vanish about €15 p/l (for the Oxy action gel thingy). This even worked on linen napkins I assumed would be ruined after a coffee incident. They are like new.

Secondly, when we moved to the country, I thought, great! I’ll have a washing line. I made a big deal of buying one of those whirly bird things and getting it positioned and anchored outside. I’ve used it a couple of times for sheets. Otherwise, it just seems like extra work: dragging the clothes outside, hanging, watching for rain, taking them in. I just use a big clothes horse in the utility room and if it is particularly sunny carry the whole horse outside for an hour. Generally I just leave the window open or leave the radiator on, and the clothes get 3/4 dry and then I put them in the tumble drier. So my washing line is effectively a decoration. And not a pretty one. So much for urban dreams.

Finally, the guy came to check on our septic tank and gave us a big speech on NEVER using Domestos. I knew these bleaches weren’t great for the environment but fecked them down the toilets at regular intervals anyway. Now I am properly educated and know that the sewage disposal works through bacteria. If you kill bacteria, the septic tanks don’t work. And bleaches kill bacteria. So does biological washing powder. So I’ve dumped all the bleach, but I can’t part with the washing powder yet. And he says if we find a dead animal we should throw it into the septic tank. It’ll make it work must more efficiently. Amazing.