By | October 31, 2005

Out and about today and I came across the Dublin Marathon. I had time to watch the runners painfully drag their feet along in the rain. And I thought. Why? They were suffering. It was so utterly stupid. I just don’t get it. Go home. Run a few miles a few days a week. But marathons are for the deranged.

One thought on “Marathon

  1. Niall McCabe

    I ran two half marathons as a teenager. I hated running but was good at it so invariably you are picked to run for your school. The thing about it is it gets addictive, and the further you run, the more addictive it gets. I had friends who got into running up mountains for 2 to 3 days at a go. Lunatics.

    Thankfully now I am back in my rightful sphere. Unfit, unbothered and unable to run more than a couple of yards. Thank Christ

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